Super Show 5 in Seoul Package



So.. The Super Show 5 Seoul finally here.. SMent has Officially announce it via Super Junior Official website. So here’s the package that might help you to attend Super Show 5 without makes you in such a hurry-scurry situations! 

SS5 Official Announcement

SS5 Official Announcement

Super Show 5 Live Concert in Seoul Package


PRICE : USD 1350 (Rp. 13.350.000)

Including :

  1. 5 Nights stay in K-Pop Themed Hostel
  2. Super Show 5 Tickets (2 days concert)
  3. Airport Pick-Up (airport-hostel, vise versa)
  4. Flight (Korean Airlines : GCK-ICN-GCK (KE628, return KE627)
  5. Breakfast
  6. Tour Leader


Excluding :

  • Visa (IDR 600.000)
  • Airport Tax (IDR 150.000)
  • Meals (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Other personal expenses


Itinerary :

Thursday, March 21st

22:05                   Departure to Incheon via Soekarno Hatta International Airport [KE628]


Friday, March 22nd

06:50                   Arrived at Incheon International Airport

08:00                   Going to the hostel, luggage check in

09:00                   Free time until 2 PM, when guests are allowed to check in

14:00                   Check in hostel –  Free time


Saturday, March 23rd

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel and preparation to go to concert venue


23:00                   Arriving at hostel


Sunday, March 24th

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel and preparation to go to concert venue


23:00                   Arriving at hostel


Monday, March 25th

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel

Free Day (Exploring Seoul)


Tuesday, March 26th

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel

11:00                   Ckecking out from hostel

15:35                   Departure to Soekarno Hatta International Airport via Incheon International Airport [KE627]

20:40                   Arriving at Soekarno Hatta International Airport


**TERMS Of Payment:

  • Down Payment: IDR 2.000.000  [February 22nd at the Latest]
  • First installment: IDR 9.000.000 + IDR 600.000 (Visa Fee)  [March 5th at the latest]
  • Second installment: IDR 2.350.000  [March 20th at the latest]

NOTE: Minimum of 10 people leave in One Group

Registration open until February 22nd at 23;30 WIB [Form, copy of Passport and down payment MUST already be submitted]


Available for Non-Indonesian ELF

The Price will Be USD650 (Excluding Airlines Tickets)

For Question contact
                                  email :
                                  twitter : @JaciDeeBlacks
                                  Kakao-Talk ID : DillaDee13




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120915 Kim Kibum in Phuket, Thailand?? [1P]

“@na7abondgirl: Great sunset cruising and diving with 지혜 혁원, 은정 정민, 기범~~~~!!!!!^.^*♥

This nana girl posted another pict, says she’s enjoying sunset crusing and diving with Jihye Hyeokwon, Eunjung Jongmin, Kibum~~~~!!!!!!

She tweeted before that she went to Phuket, Thailand for vacation. If the one with a white hat is Kim Kibum, then Kibum is now in Phuket!

OMG!!!! Look at the way she tweeted!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like she wanted to tell us that they are all went to Phuket as COUPLES !!!! From the tweet the couple are : 지혜-혁원 , 은정-정민 , 기범-@na7abondgirl???? *DIES*

But i observed her tweet before and there is these tweet about her “honey” gave her a new white bicycle, and she posted a guy name 정민 on her tweet with the Bike. So i assume that 정민(Jongmin) is her boyfriend. BUT Then there are still another 2 girls!!!! 지혜(jihye) and 은정(eunjung).

From the pict above we know that one of them took the pict! Since i cant(and i dont want to) recognize which one is Nana, then one of these 3 girls was taking the pic. So it means, from the name she tweeted, there are 3 boys and 3 girls. Meaning : COUPLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this Nana girl is not Kibum‘s girlfriend, there are still another 2 girls. Well i HOPE, they’re all just FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! *IN DENIAL*

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