Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa 2018

Untuk semua muslim yang sedang menjalankan ibadah puasa.. Semangat menunaikan ibadah yang senantiasa menyehatkan jasmani dan rohani kita.. Semoga kita akan di lahirkan kembali menjadi manusia baru yang sejati, seorang muslim sejati yang selalu menebarkan kasih sayang kepada seluruh mahkluk hidup di dunia.

Barakallah.. Marhabban Ya Ramadhan..

By jacideeblacks


New Eclipse
Caius left Italy to live in some Vampireless place, somewhere in London. Caius left Volterra because he feel really “UnVolturi”. He doesn’t have any ability like Marcus or Aro, or even the Volturi Guard. Jane was the only one who stood by him every single day and give him so many support in so many way. She loved him like a Father. But it seems not strong enough to make Caius stay in Volterra..

He left in the middle of the White cold Winter, After two Old Vampires made him took the step, where he never had enough “courage” to stepped them before. and Caius found a classic big Victorian house in Carlisle Street London. The name of the street reminds him of his very old friend, Carlisle Cullen. Caius knows the Reason that makes Carlisle left Volterra Centurys ago. Carlisle feel he don’t belong inside the Volturi Clan because he never agreed of killing so many innocent people. Carlisle feel different. At that time, Caius never really understand how it feels. But now, He’s more than understand.

Caius was never been in such of an Emotional situation. He never feel any sadness in his entire immortality. But it happens.. A Month ago..

Aro and Marcus left Volterra to visit their Relatives in MysticFalls. They asked Caius to come but he refuse the invitation because he knows that Their Realtives in MysticFalls was very old, very cruel, and they hate him. They hates him because he doesn’t have any gift like the others or themselves. The Salvatore brothers from MysticFalls are two old Vampire who has a very rare and strong ability. They can walk in the sun without getting burn or sparkling. And they both have the ability to Control Minds, Humans or Vampires. Thats why Aro and Marcus are both Really Admire them. Or Scared. And No one Really knows that there are two Vampire in this world who are stronger than The Volturi. But they hates being in the spotlight so they keep it that way. They let The Volturi rules the law and be the Oldest and The Strongest Vampire Clan in the world, while they’re having a really peaceful life in MysticFalls for eternity.

And then..they decided to visit Italy. Aro and Marcus brought them home.. When they arrived, Caius just stared. He don’t know what to do. And the older Salvatore start the War..

” Good Morrow Caius,, Still weak and unspecial as usual?? ” Said Damon Salvatore while walking around his chair and sat at Aro’s place.

He was wearing the same outfit as usual, All Black. But totally Sophisticated. That Leather Jacket makes him look Younger. And so is Stefan. Only Stefan is now wearing this cool Rayban sun glass, makes him look like a Male Supermodel in Marc Jacobs Runway. Caius keep the silence..
Aro and Marcus watch him with this pity look. Jane looks at him and her Red eyes was sparkling like she’s crying. But Vampires don’t cry. So how come?? Jane must be Really sad.

” You should answer when peole asked.. don’t you know that? Or you want me to make you?? ” Damon’s voice was as soft as heaven and as Scary as Hell.. Caius sigh..

” Hhh.. Good Morrow Damon.. I’m fine thank you.. ” Says Caius. Damon laugh Evily..

” You should left Volterra so you can find something that would makes you at least, stronger than Dimitri ” Stefan, Damon’s brother, makes it worse than he thought. Damon’s laugh more evily and the whole Volturi’s Big Dome was like almost shake.

” Fine. ” Caius left his big crowned chair to the door. He pass through Stefan who suddenly moved away like he’s some kind of Virus or something, and he looks at Jane who was shakin’ her head and gave him the “Don’t Do That” look. He pass through her and keep walkin’. He heard Aro called him but he never look back. He leave Volterra after that. Without saying goodbye to anyone.

Caius decided to start a new life. But he will never can refuse a humans blood. He thought about what Carlisle said to him when he asked Carlise why he became the what so called “Vegetarian Vampire”.

” This is My Curse, to become a Vampire. And i know i’m Damned. So why should i live the Damned way for eternity?? This people are innocent and they deserve to live, just like us. I don’t want to be more Damned ” Said Carlisle.

Caius never though about such things before.. But now..its all coming back to him.. his long humans memory.. Just a little memory who was left in his mind.. Back in 1500 BC, Caius was only a young man, 18 years old, very handsome and he was bright as a kid. He lives in a small village called, Mahogany. People now known the place as Germany. He smart and loves painting. He paint in the stone or tree. He’s a really good artist. But the sudden war change everything. His young patriotic strong will, brought him in the Battle.
When he was almost died in a very cold dungeon, he saw someone..a woman..she was so pale.. As pale as the Porcelain.. Her eyes was as dark as the night sky.. Even in the dark, Caius is able to see that the woman was Very Beautiful and somehow..very hungry. And then she ran to him.. She bites him. He began to feel the Strongest Pain he’s ever felt in his entire life.. And thats all he can remembered.. Caius woke up after few days and he is what he is now.. A Vampire..

He met Marcus and Aro when he ran away from people who wants to burn him alive after he killed some girl in the village to satisfied his hunger that night. He was scared and lonely. Marcus and Aro was on their way to the big city. They asked Caius to join them.. And they stick together since then..They were Family..until…the Salvatore Brothers tear them apart from each other.
Caius knows that Aro and Marcus had has asked Jane and Alec to track him.. He saw them the other day in London. But No One in The Volturi Clan can Hide like Caius. And No One Knows that. Even Aro.

Caius was so bored that day.. He walk around the house and try to find something interesting but what he found is just this two Rabbits fighting for a single Carrot. And then they ran so fast after they sense He’s appearing.
He sigh..
” Well i think you guys know that i’m a damn vampire right? ”

And suddenly..
“”Tarr Tarr Tarr !!!!!!!!!””

Something fall three times and hits his garden in the backyard. Caius heard them and ran to that sound. Sounds like three bombs has been release to his backyard. He found three Teenagers, two boys and one girl with a Broomsticks on their hand and they’re all wearing the same outfit. There’s a Crest on their hoodie. Its like a School Crest, with and an ‘H’ in the middle of this four animal, Lion-Badger-Eagle-Snake. They’re all look like a student.

” Who are you ?? ” Asked Caius gently to whoever they are. They shocked. Those two boys stared at him from head to toe. They scared as he can see. Except the girl. She stand up, still with her broomstick, and smiles. Caius almost shocked. No one has ever gave him a smile like that as long as he can remember. Caius was always give the “Arrogant” look to every stranger he’ve met. And No one Replied a beautiful smile like she just did. She blush and sweaty and she took a deep breath with her mouth.. She has a very pretty Red hair and her face is perfectly innocent. She has the most beautiful blue eyes.. and those eyes are now stares at him.

” Hello.. Excuse me..??? ” She waved her hand in front of his face. If Caius is a Human, he will probably blushing right now. Or he thought that he will.

” Ah.. Yes? ” Said Caius. He smile.

” I said we’re sorry about your garden.. And i’ll.. Errr.. I’ll pay for everything i swear.. But give me some time.. please. ” She looks increadibly worried.. She still blush, and Caius knows she’s sorry.

” Thats okay.. You don’t have to pay anything.. My garden wasn’t really good actually.. ”

” Ohh.. Really?? Thank you..!! ” She glad. She knows that she can’t afford for the garden anyway.

” You’re welcome.. And are you okay?? You fell.. And how?? Are you fall from a plane or something?? And who are you? ” Caius looks confuse and he began to questioning where does she come from. He was almost thought they’re from Heaven but then sadly he realise, he’s just a Vampire. He Damned. No such thing as Heaven for someone like him.
The two boys look at each other, Worries. She was worry to.

” Err.. No.. i mean.. sorry.. but i can’t tell you.. Top Secret. And.. And I’m Ginny, Ginny Weasley. This is Neville Lonngbottom and Seamus Finnigan. We attend the same school. So.. ” She pointing at the two boys asking for help. But they were to scared even to breath.

” Err.. we have to go back to school.. Err.. would you like to help us?? Would you please asked your parrent to drive us to Grimmould street?? ”

” My parrents?? ” Caius almost freaked out.

” Yes.. You can’t drive us there. You’re..Too Young to drive us there. I don’t think your parrents will allowed you.. ”

” My Parrents are both dead. I live alone ” He cut her explanations before she began to tell him more about his Parrents. Caius was just thingking about them. He forgot how it’s like to have a parrents. He doesn’t even remember their faces.

” Ohh.. ohh i’m so sorry.. i didn’t know.. please forgive me… ” She sounds really regret. He smiles and she blush again..

” Thats okay.. And i can drive you to this Grimmould street.. ”

Ginny sigh.. ” Thanks.. ” She whispered..
It makes Caius’s smile wider. He sure if his heart still beat, it’ll beat as fast as his feet.

That day changed Caius. He try Carlisle’s diet since he began to get to know more about Ginny Weasley. He never feed any humans blood again. She’s a great and wonderful girl. She show him that life is something important and also beautiful. But Ginny didn’t know. He never told her that he’s not a human, that he has no life, that he can easily killed her.

Ginny went to this boarding school called Hogwarts School. Caius sent her lots of letters when she’s stay there. Actually Caius is really want to visits Ginny Weasley in Hogwarts, but he never can find that place in map or anyplace else. He doesn’t really pay attention on this Hogwarts School either because Ginny and the other Hogwarts’s seniors student are allowed to visit a village called Hogsmeade every weekend. So Caius always come to Hogsmeade every weekend to met her.
At the first time he visit her in Hogsmeade, Ginny was shocked that he can find the village. Caius told her it was nearly impossible until he met this strange man who actually a former student in Hogwarts. So he helped him and lead him the right way.
Ginny and Caius became very close to each other. Ginny was just broke up with her boyfriend when she met Caius. Ginny is absolutely happy these days. Caius makes her smile and laugh and happy. Same thing happen to Caius. He’s very happy by just thingking of her. Ginny changed him into a better person. He watch Ginny’s daily attitude, everytime they met and Admire her so much. She’s smart, loving, loyal and humble. She’s also a Beautiful girl inside and out.

Caius…Fell in Love..

” Common’.. Please..?? Its awesome outside.. Look at the sky.. Its Blue and bright.. Please Caius???? Can we go out….??? ” Ginny’s spoily voice like that makes him laugh. Ginny is always strong and independent, and she’s a fighter type. So when she asked Caius very dearly and her spoil girly thing is all comes out, Caius mock.

” Should i spoil you baby girl?? Hmm..?? ” Said Caius. Ginny punch his hand and pretending to be madly mad.

” Caius……!!!!!!!! ” She scream.. But Caius hold her and kissed her cheek instead. She’s still mumbling his name like a little girl.. Caius loves that. He kissed her cheek again.

” Baby.. you know i hate the sunlight.. So can we just stay here..?? ” He kissed her forehead and nose. Her cheek is warmer. He can feel the changes. She blush.

” Hmmm okay.. ” She murmured.

” Now.. May i kiss you?? ” She looked down and her emotion has been as clear on her face as if they were turning from blush to pale and now pink. She shy.. She still shy everytime he kissed her which, its only a couple of time. He were always want to kissed her but its really hard to hold the passions of her Tasty Blood. He can easily killed her without knowing it.

He tried so hard to protect her from himself. In the first month they were together, Caius was always suddenly dissapear. He always ran everytime he reach that moment when he almost killed her. Her blood makes him thirsty. But lately Caius learn how to control his thirst of Human’s Blood everytime she came nearby. And Ginny’s Blood, is the Sweetiest Blood he’ve ever smelled.
So Caius will always hunt a very big Animal to satisfied his hunger a day before he went to Hogsmeade to meet Ginny Weasley.

Last week Ginny introduce him to her Brothers, who were also students of Hogwarts School. The younger brother is still in Hogwarts School. They’re Fred and George Weasley and the younger is Ronald Weasley. She introduce him to Ronald’s best friends to, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. The Potter boy gave him this strange look when Ginny introduce him to Caius. But then Ginny told Caius that Harry was his boyfriend before he met her so now Caius understand that that was a “jealousy” look. Cause Caius.. was Jealous to.

Tonight Caius seems really Confuse and Worry. He walk around his house, 5 times a minute, carry on a letter on his hand. It was a letter from his Lover, Ginny Weasley. She invited him to come to spent the last week of Summer before Ginny and her brother are going back to school. Ginny wrote that she wants her Parrents to Meet him in person, and to get to know him. Ginny have told her Parrents about Caius Volturi. Caius never have any Human to spent the day with, except Ginny. And Ginny asked him, desperatly, to stay in her house for a few days. Ginny said she misses him because she spent almost her whole summer in Egypt with her Family, visiting her brother Bill Weasley.
But How come.. How come he can survive from the demon inside him?? The Demon who’ve always force him to kill humans. And they’re all humans. They’re all also Ginny’s Family. How Will he survive??? What if he gets hungry and not able to hunt because he have to share a room with Ginny’s brother, Ronald. What if Ronald suddenly woke up and find his roomate has dissapear??? What if his hunger made him decided to fed Ronald’s blood?? What should he say to her?? How can he face her?? What if she finds out what kind of thing he is?? She’ll leave him.. And She WILL..!! Caius stopped his step and look up the sky.. the night sky was so clear.. But as dark as his scary thoughts about Ginny leaving him.
Caius.. Will Never wanna live a single day without Ginny Weasley..


” Caius is too old for you Ginny!!! ” The highest tone of Ronald’s voice makes Mrs. Weasley broke a glass.

” He’s not that old Ron!!! He’s only 18 years old!!! ” Ginny scream to him and she’s crying.

” Yeahh?? If 18 years old eh?? The way he talked shows him like he’s 1000 years old!!! And can’t you see how odd he is?? Never go out in the sunlight…eh?? ”

” I’ve told you he’s alergic to it!!! ”

” Bloody hell!!! Are you kidding??!! The only thing who’s alergic to the sun was only..what?? a Vampire??!! Yeahh.. that.. ”

” RONALD WEASLEY!!!!! YOUR ROOM!!!! NOW!!!!! ” Mrs. Weasley stop the fight. Ginny ran to her and she hold Ginny tight..Ronald’s face turn red.

He was mad at her and he just feel there’s something wrong with Ginny’s new boyfriend. Ginny seems really really happy.. Its a total different love than before. But surely Ron prefer Harry to be her boyfriend, although he have to face a really awkward situation everyday. But it seems its only Ron who feel that way. Fred and George are both really likes him. He talked to them and share loads of crazy idea about making a new funny toys. Of course Caius doesn’t know that Fred and George are Wizards and they really can make a Lion sing “We Are The Champion” for 5 minutes everyday, when they discussed a singer pet for their store last month when Caius visits Ginny at Hogsmeade weekend. Harry was feel the same as he is, but of course it was all covered because he’s actually jealous. He still in love with Ginny, so his opinion about Caius was Subjective. And now Ginny invited him to come for the rest of the summer?? Its gonna be a really horrible 3 days of his last summer holiday. Ron has to share his room with Caius.


Caius’s CellPhone’s Ringing. Caius knew it must be from Ginny. Because its Only Ginny who know his number. She thought Caius was just a regular human she’s always met. Bta actually, Caius just bought the new I-Phone series two days after she gets Ginny’s Letter from Egypt. She said she wants to call him when she’s home. But of course Ginny doesn’t have a phone in house, Never needed any, so she called from a Police Stations on her way home.

” Caius Speaking… ” He answered the phone.

” Caius………!!!!!!! I Miss you…..!!!! Misssss….. Youuuuuu….!!! ” Ginny’s spoily voice screamin’ from his cellphone. Caius smiles. He imagine Ginny’s face when she said that.

” Ginny darlin’.. I am so very miss you to.. you don’t how much i miss you Sweetheart.. I suffer by just thingking about you.. I Miss you too much! ” Caius replied her with his gentle romantic voice. For Ginny, everytime Caius start to talk, it’s like a melody of her favourite song. And Caius is completely tell the truth. He spent days and night without Ginny and it makes him suffer. Ginny was far far away.. He stayed in the house too much and paint. He never interesting of making friends. Humans or even Vampires.

” Caius… Have you decide about visiting me in my house?? ” Ginny asked. Sounding a little hopes and a bit worries inside her voice.

” Yes.. I Suppose… Yes Ginny.. I will come.. just tell me the Address…….”
” Ginny…. ” Ginny is already screamin’ and jumping. She never thought that Caius would say Yes. Actually, Caius doesn’t have any courage to say No and broke Ginny’s heart.

” Ohhh.. Thank You…. Caius… I Love You… I Love YOU…!!…. ”

” Ginny…? ”

“… Eh? What?? I’m sorry.. I’m so happy… ”

” The Address Sweetie.. And I Love You.. ”

” I Love You to Caius.. Oh Oh Yes.. The Address.. Its in The Burrow, You can ask for The Burrow when you get there, if you lost.. At…. ” Caius wrote the Address and still smiling.. Ginny was like a little girl when she’s happy. And He knows that he spoil her girl too much, but perhaps, thats all what he can really do. To make her Happy.

Caius arrived at 7 PM in St. Catchpole, Devon. Caius is already told Ginny that he probably will arrived at night.

But Ginny knows, Caius hated the sunlight. Ginny became more suspicious about him lately. Ever since his Brother, Ron, mention a Vampire when they were fight about Caius. Ginny read a lot at school about Vampires. Hermione helped her. Ginny told her that she was just curious about Vampires. Ginny told Hermione about the book she read, a Muggle novel called “The Vampire Diaries”. But she never told Hermione that she suspect her own Boyfriend was a Vampire.

Well, it could be. Profesor Lupin is a Werewolf, So Caius could be a Vampire. Ginny think about him so much when she’s far away from him. She realise that Caius was never touch the food when they’re having their Lunch at Hogsmeade. Never go out in the sunlight. Suddenly dissapear at their first month relationship. Caius’s skin are also as cold as the coldest ice. He said he was having a very rare desease. Thats why he can’t go out in the sunlight, cause It’ll hurt him.
And Last Spring he saved Ginny from Draco Malfoy, when Malfoy almost hit her with a flying knife. Malfoy said he was just playing with the Knife and Attacking Tree, but Ginny believe that he was trying to harm her. Malfoy gets a Detention after. And somehow he seems really afraid of Caius. He was even Apologize and Run back to Hogwarts. Ginny saw the Knife hits Caius’s left hand. But when she reach Caius to see if he hurts by the knife, she never found any blood or even a little scar. Caius said the Knife doesn’t hit him. But Ginny saw them hits him with her own eyes.
And when Hermione told her about Vampires, it was all fits like a perfect complete puzzle. Its like Hermione was telling her about Caius’s odd attitude. But then..Ginny found something different. Vampires Drank Blood. A Humans Blood were you can say, Maincourse. Thats why they’re very strong and fast. But Caius,, shows her so much love and she’s sure that he will never hurt her. Vampires can’t resist a Humans Blood. So, Ginny came with a conclusion, it is Impossible that Caius is a Vampire. If he’s a Vampire, Ginny is already dead at Carlisle Street, when their first met.

” Welcome to The Burrow, Caius… Ohh you must me freezing!! Your hand’s Froze…!! ” Said Arthur Weasley, Ginny’s dad. Arthur loves Muggle, and he thought Caius is a Muggle. He shakes Caius’s hand and thought he was freezing.
” Are you sure you don’t want to join us for dinner Almos?? ” Almost Diggory met Caius in the wood. Caius was lost. And Almos took him to The Burrow.

” No.. thank you Arthur.. I have to go.. I’m glad i met this young man back there.. He really Lost.. And Freezing indeed.. Nice to Meet you Caius.. Now, i must say goodbye. ” Almos shakes Caius hand to. He smiles.

” Pleasure to meet you Sir.. And Thank You so very much.. ”

Almos leave The Burrow singing some silly song and Mrs. Weasley had asked Caius to come inside. He joined the table for dinner. Ginny smiles all the time since Caius arrived. Fred and George was very excited to. Only Ron who seems very disturb about his visits. And Ron leave the table right after he finished his last piece of chicken on his plate. There’s some re-arranging about the room. Caius sleep in Bill’s bedroom. Alone. And the twins sleep in Percy’s room, cause Ginny told Caius that Percy has to stay in his Friend house for an assignment. Caius hide his smile when Ginny told him that. Now he can easily sneak out to hunt.

” Goodmorning… Caius.. ” The Weasleys greet him when he walk into the dining room. They’re prepared to have breakfast.

” Goodmorning.. ” Caius replied. Ronald wasn’t there.

” Come.. Join us for breakfast.. We’re having a Delicious Weasleys Scramble Eggs.. ” Said Mrs. Weasley. She looks uncomfortable wearing that blue dress. But her smile tells Caius that she’s happy.

” Oh yes please.. Thank You.. I’m starving.. ” Caius lied. He was already have his breakfast a few hours ago. He sneak out the house to hunt. He found a very big bear deep in the wood.

Caius made the whole Weasley Family stays in the house. He brought so many Muggle toys, Mr. Weasley said so, to play with them. Mr. Weasley was very very excited. He asked him a loads of question about a very simple thing like, why people loved the Computer?
Caius brought them Scramble, Lego, a Giant Puzzle, and the Brand new Video Game.
The video game was The twins Favourite, as he’s expected. Ginny loves the comic books he brought her. She loves the cartoon characters on the comics. So far, her favourite was still, Donald Duck. Too bad that Ronald can’t join the excitement, because he, somehow, mad at him.

Its been 3 days and nothing big happen yet. Caius was very happy with it. He cannot believe that he’s actually can stay in the house full of Delicious Humans. He sneak out off the house of course, to hunt. This area have a very deep forrest and they hide lots of big animal to. Caius hunger wasnt’s ever satisfied, but at least he can survive for the next day without killing anyone. But then…..

Caius jump into the window to his room that morning. It was still 3 AM in the morning. The last day. Ginny is about to going back to school tomorrow. He walked fast to bed, and suddenly stop. He Shocked. Ginny… was there..

” Ginny…? ” Caius asked. Her eyes grave. She suddenly step back, away from the bed and..Caius. She frightened. Her eyes grew wider after a moment, and her pupils dilated, though the light hadn’t changed.

” Ginny…?? Ginny.. I.. ”

” What are you..?! ” She started to ask. Caius she she was scare to..

” I won’t hurt you Ginny.. ”

” WHAT ARE YOU??!! ” She scream, but its sounds like her voice wasn’t as loud as she expected. She was too scared.

” Ginny.. I’m begging you.. Can we talk..? I will explain EVERYTHING.. But not afraid of me.. ”

” WHAT ARE YOU!!!?? You can’t be human!!! Human don’t jump up here easily!! Its the 3rd floor for God sake!!! And you.. you full of Blood!!! Oh My Lord.. You’ve killed!!! ” She interupted Caius.

” No.. No.. Ginny.. ” He mumbled. And then he looked down his t-shirt, covered by blood. ” It wasn’t a blood as you thought.. This isn’t a human blood. and… Ginny..? ”

” You can’t be.. You can’t.. Why you doing this to me Caius.. why.?? ” She Murmured. She Cried. Her tears makes Caius’s Dead Damned Heart drowned in so much pain.

” Forgive me.. Ginny.. I never meant to hurt you.. Ever.. If My Wasted heart are guilty for Loving you, Pardon Me… ” He walked to the cabinet next his bed and took out a book, “The Vampire Diaries” , Ginny’s Novel. ” I suppose you’ve read so much about such thing….. I guess.. you’re already know what am i.. ”

Ginny shake her heads twice.. She barely can’t stand in her own feet, she fell to the floor next the bed. Hiding her face in both of her hands, She Cried..

” Ginny…? ” He whispered. She sighed.

” You’re… You’re… ” She couldn’t finish the word that will probably killed her.

” Yes.. Yes Ginny.. I’m a Vampire. ” Caius admitted. Caius has gave her his eternity when he admitted it. She will leave him,, and he will soon,,Suicide..

” I am So Sorry.. ” He repeated. Ashamed of himself.

” Go.. Go Away.. Please…. Please LEAVE..!! ” Ginny scream as loud as she can.

Caius walked fast to Ginny, kissed her forehead before she can even blink or move or refuse him touch.
” I Love You.. Ginny.. ” Caius whispered.

He jump out off the window and run as fast as he can. He never looked back. If both of his eyes wasn’t as damned as he is, they’re probably drowned by blood as if he cried too hard.

Volterra, Italy

” Caius!!!! ” Jane greeted him. She’s happy to see him back. Alec nodded and smile at him. Caius doesn’t replied them both, the lovely greeting or a smile. He just want to see Aro and Markus. He gazed at the two of his dearest brothers that just gotted up from their Big Crowned Chair. Aro open his arms to greeted him.

” Welcome back Brother.. ” He stopped. He stare at Caius and wondered. He walk fast to him and took his hand to see his memory.

” Hmm.. ” He mumbled. And suddenly he release Caius hand and moved back.

” Suicide ??! ” He asked, shock flashed across Aro’s face. Markus sighed. ” Is that what you came for?? a Suicidal?? ” Aro’s Red eyes grew wider.

” No.. ” Caius heard Jane murmured.

” Yes.. So I Beg You.. Aro.. I Beg You.. ” Caius desperate voice makes Aro laughed.

” For a Human girl??! You’d die for her??! ” Aro demanded. He is now, Angry.

” Yes. And I.. I loved her.. ” Caius answered. It was a wrong answer. Aro attacked him. Caius wasn’t going to attack him back. He wanted to die. So he let Aro killed him. He was ready. He don’t know what its like to be dead after he obviously died for centuries, but it doesn’t even matter to him. He wanted to die, and he wanted to die now.

” Pain. ” Jane has attacked Aro with her ability to cause Pain. Aro scream loudly. He’s now in so much pain instead attacking Caius. His face was almost break.

” Get Caius out of here, Alec!! ” Alec have this one opportunity to help Caius. The Other Volturi guard were sent to Forks to handle a situation with the Cullens there and it was only Dimitri, Alec and Jane who are left there to Guard The Clan. Dimitri and Markus are both attacking Jane to help Aro. This is Alec’s only chance to saved Caius. He ran fast.

Alec succeed. He brought Caius back to London. Caius was too weak to protest. They arrived at Caius’s house at 4 AM.

” I have to go back to Volterra.. I have to see my sister.. ” Said Alec. He worried.

” I’m coming with you.. ” Caius was very weak. He don’t hunt for two days, ever since he ran from The Burrow. He took a walk from Devon, England to Volterra, Italy.

” No. You must stay here. Aro was just try to keep you alive. You know how Markus would react, If he finds out that you were in love with a Wizard!! ” Caius gazed at him. How does he knows??

” Aro.” Alec seems understand the questions inside Caius’s Black suffer eyes.
” He asked me and Jane to followed you. He touch the girl’s hand himself when we met at Hogsmeade. And she… She loved you with all her heart. That’s why Aro made up things so you can saved, and you can have her back.. ”

Caius began to understand the situation. He cannot hide from Aro. And Aro knows how he feel about Ginny as much as he knows what Ginny feels about Caius. He don’t want to make the same mistake. One mistake that changed him for eternity, and also Markus. Ginny Weasley is.. a Wizard. But she has a heart as pure as the stars in the sky.

” I’ll find you something to drink…. Don’t worry, i’ll brought you an animal.. ” Alec understand the life that Caius had chosed.
He brought home 3 warm dead lion from an unknown place, 30 minutes later. Caius was too hungry to ask. He drank their fresh blood in 10 minutes.

” Thank you Alec ” He mumbled.

” I’m going now.. Take care of yourself. Don’t let everything that Aro planned for you meaningless. He care for you. As we do. Jane was very happy when that girl makes you laugh.. So.. Goodbye now.. ” Alec is about to shake Caius’s hand but instead Caius hold him like he will never met his long lost brother again.

” Thank you.. Thank you.. ” He whispered.

Caius took Alec to the front door. For a moment he stoped in the front door and gaze at him. But then he smile, and start to run. He disappeared in a minute. Caius figures what made him gaze. Its his eyes. His eyes are now Golden Brown. He realise that they were changed, is when Ginny asked him about his eyes at their first date. Ginny wondered, how can his eyes changed colours. And Caius told her he was wearing contacts before, and the colour were Black as she remembered.


Its been three months since Alec left London. He never heard anything from him or Aro, not even Jane. Ginny is still in Hogwarts, so Caius must wait until holiday to talk to her again. He’ve tried to found the school but they were hide so well. Ginny never appeared in Hogsmeade to. Maybe she’s afraid that Caius might found her there.

Caius are re-reading The Vampire Diaries again today. He had read them like 20 times. And never bored with it. He’s now re-reading the 3rd series ,”The Vampire Diaries” :The Initiation and The Captive Part I. He became so much liked the book because of the Character. They’re reminds him of Damon and Stefan Salvatore from MysticFalls. He somehow have this little faith about Damon and Stefan who had have Asked the Author, L.J Smith, to wrote their stories. This is one of the proved, that they’re really controlled this poor Author’s mind.

“”ding dong ding dong””

The Door Bell rang. Caius put his Book at the table and walk fast to the door. He wasn’t expacting anyone that day. He has no Human friends, Not anymore. And His Vampire Friends are supposed to be hiding because today’s like hell. The sun was shining too bright. Even though he’d never felt any weather in his skin, he believed in what those humans so called “Global Warming”.

” Yes.. I’m coming.. ” Said Caius. And when he opened the door, he froze.

” Caius.. ” It was Ginny. Caius still Froze like a Very Beautiful Statue and Gaze at her. He cannot believe his own eyes. His Love Life were standing there, in front of him, right now. He can smell her skin, her blood, her red hair, everything. Even though he believed that he’s Damned, for him..This is Heaven.

” Caius..? ” Ginny, who was really worried about coming in to Caius’s place, now began frightened. Her heart drummed faster.

Caius smiles. He don’t have to say anything. Ginny is absolutely understood. He stepped out the door to the sun shine, he…Sparkling. His diamond skin amaze Ginny. Her eyes puzzled. She was come he don’t burn in the sun?? But Caius took her to his diamonds arms and hold her like he never ever hold anyone before. He kisses her million times. She giggled.

” Ohh Caius.. I Love You.. ”

” I Love You Ginny Weasley.. I Will Never Hurt You.. or anyone.. I Promise.. ”

” Caius.. I have to tell you something to.. ” She released her self from Caius’s loving hugs.

” Yes Ginny.. ? ”

” I lied.. I Mean.. I’m also someone you don’t really know.. ” She sighed.

” What do you mean Ginny? ” Caius is actually knows what Ginny’s point at the moment. But he decided to wait until she spare them herself.

” I’m.. Oh Caius.. I’m a Wizard! ” She said unwillingly.

” Ginny… I know.. And I don’t mind.. You’re still the most beautiful girl in the world! The Only One I Loved.. For the Rest of My Immortality.. ” Ginny gaze. And then her pink delicious lips began to shape a very pretty smile.

” How can you knew everything about me and never said a word,but i just find out one single truth about you but i scream like i was on fire..??? ” She wondered. Her smile grew wider.

” In case it wasn’t so obvious,, I Am So DEEP In LOVE With You Ginny Weasley.. ”

And he kiss her lips.. Ginny’s heart beat faster. Caius kissed her deeper. Their Happiness was as clear as the blue clean clouds in the sky..


Caius Volturi and Ginny Weasley stay together until now. Caius turn her into a Vampire as she requested. She wanted to be with him, Forever. Their Immortality made them have to move from one place to another. They changed their name in public of course. They have to. Because they both are decided to live in “humans muggles” world. Today, in year 2010, They were lived as a young couple, Jamie Bower and Bonnie Wright. Still Together and Love Each Other Very Dearly…


Somewhere in Italy, Someone Smiles.
He was just finishing a story for Elena and Jared Volturi. They’re both Half Vampire and Half Human, and also a Wizard. They turned 10 years old today. They’re both are going to Hogwarts School next year.

” And then.. The Vampire and The Wizard, Lived Happily.. Ever.. After.. Ohh GrandPa LOVE a Happy Ending! ”

– * FIN * THE END * –

( Dedicate to JAMIE BOWER and his Girlfriend BONNIE WRIGHT)

PS: Please pardon my english..wrote it yeaarssss ago. Didnt realise it was not published yet lol

By jacideeblacks


She play her Piano again in the Early morning.. Playing the same sad song. Her tears went down everytime the song ended. Today she brought a picture along with her. She puts the picture right in front of her, above her Black Glamourous Piano. There’s someone she’d been crying of there, inside the frame. She starts to play the song that would absolutely makes her cry at the end. She keep staring at the picture while playing the song with her Piano. It’s like she play that sad song for him. She cried even before the song ended. And she keep playing the same song over and over again. She finally gives up. The person she’d been waiting for didn’t listen to her calls, he never came. She grabs his picture and hold it tight. She cry again..

” Can you just forget him Clare? ” Han, Clare’s best friend found her crying again that day. Still about her long lost love, Ryeo.

Clare didn’t answer him. Clare knows it’s been too long since he left her, and she’s been waiting too long. No news, No letters, not even a note. He left her.. just like that.

” Clarissa..!!! Do you even hear me??! Oh yeah.. Of Course you don’t, if you’re listen to me, you won’t end up like this. Crying all day, couldn’t sleep at night. Gosh.. Clare.. What the hell happen to you?? ”

Han was very sad and very angry at the same time. He knew this could be happen. The first time he met that Ryeo guy, he had this bad feelings about him. But he never mentioned it to Clare. Because he knew, she fell for him already. He should’ve told Clare at that time. He sure Clare would’ve listened to him. But it’s too late now. He already broke Clare’s Fragile Heart and She’s dying now. Han wanted to help her but he didn’t even know how to make her help herself! She didn’t want any help. She wants to wait. She was so sure Ryeo didn’t leave her because he wants to hurt her. He left because he has to. He believed in him, even now, after he left her for 2 years. After he left, Clare change a lot. She’s no longer his ClarisSunshine, his best friend.

Han used to call her ClarisSunshine because of her ability to make people smile and happy anytime she came nearby. Her smile was what everyone needs to make them feel better. Now, she’s no longer sunshine..she’s empty song..

Clare wakes up early, play her piano, daydreaming, go to campus, study, went home, play her piano again then go to bed. That’s her daily activity for two years! But Han is the only one who knows that she didn’t really sleep for two years. Her face was always pale, she never smile anywhere, not even when she’s watching her favorite Cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. Even her favorite band, Super Junior can’t make her smile like they used to. And no one has ever heard her voice again after what happen, except her best friend Han. She talks to Han sometimes, but Han thought he was the one who’s talking to her everytime they met. Her College mate even thought she’s insane. She changed completely since spring 2008, two years ago. Of course they didn’t know what exactly happen to her. She was very popular because of her warm and cheerful personality. But’s like she don’t even exist.

It’s early Sunday. Clare is already awake and took Ryeo’s picture. She walks into her Piano and puts the picture above it. She starts to play the song. Her Anthem. It’s called “ONE FINE SPRING DAY”, a song from her favorite band. This is the song that can make anyone who heard it cries. Song about Love. But for Clare, it’s a song about…Ryeo.

She sing it today.. Every single word in the lyric makes her eyes drowning in tears. She played that song with her heart. She didn’t realize, someone is watching from far away. She never knew, the person has watching her for two years.. Maybe that’s why she was always played the same song all this time. Maybe she knows, somehow, that Ryeo is listening to every single melody she played.

“ Clarissa.. “ Someone sigh. He was standing in some big Tree in the hills, 260 meters from Clare’s house. But he can listen to Clare’s song very clearly. After the song ended he jumped down 4 meters from the tree. And someone has waiting in the ground.

“ When will you stop this stupid thing?? Stalking her like you can make your heart feel better! “ A Man, about 28 years old (even there’s some feelings that he was very old), in a black suit and a dark brown fedora seems very upset while watching his fellow jumped.

“ It’s not your business you know.. “ He answered him easily. He doesn’t even hurt his leg after 4 meters jump! It seems easy for him.

“ Oh sure.. But it is.. Since Caxiope asked me to guard you! “ He walks around him and found an interesting object. An interesting leaves. It shapes like a piece of heart.

“ Well Dane.. that is not my problem.. “

“ Ryeo.. it’s very easy for me to hurt that girl.. Don’t you know that? “ He crush the heart shape leaves.

“ I do.. But you’ll never do that.. “ Ryeo’s voice is steady and calm, but somehow his eyes shows that he’s ready to kill somebody. He walks around the tree twice then running down the hills, jump from tree to tree, and disappear.

Dane sigh. He knows can’t handle this guy. Because he still in Love. No matter what he did, it will make him worse. Caxiope planned him to be killed if he still wants that girl to be his mate.

Dane knows Caxiope will never let that happen no matter what. But Dane is actually felt very sorry for Ryeo. For Dane, Ryeo is a very civilized as a cursed monster. Even before he met and fell in love with this Clarissa girl. Yes a Cursed Monster. That’s what he always said about himself. And he was always kind to anyone he knows. Even humans.

Once, about 68 years ago, he found a friend who can accept him for what he is. His name is Jay. They became very close. Jay was his first and last best friend he’s ever have. When Caxiope finds out that Ryeo was friend with Jay, a Human, who supposed to be his enemy, his food, he killed him. Ryeo didn’t know it. Caxiope sent him far away so he can’t help Jay. It was too late before he realize that Caxiope sent him to a fake place for a fake job just to send him away from Jay. Dane saw him carried Jay’s body and buried him near the Jaci River, Jay’s favorite place. He stayed at Jay’s grave for 7 days. Then he decided to leave Jay alone forever. He never visited that grave for a very long time…Until 3 years ago. When he met Clarissa and falling I love with her. He talked to Jay’s grave about her, about his fears if Caxiope will find out, about everything. Jay’s death broke Ryeo’s heart. He went to a place where no humans can stay the weather and alive. He made a house there, in the middle of the rain forrest in china. He was very angry to Caxiope at that time. He stayed at that place for 36 years.

“ You’re a Vampire, a Monster, don’t forget about that.. You friend Jay maybe stupid of letting you became his friend, so you, don’t even think that I would give you another chance if you treat our food as you friend. “ That was what Caxiope said to Ryeo when he visit him in china to asked him back to his Castle. Ryeo came back to Caxiope Castle because he gave up. He knows what he did will never bring Jay alive. The Castle is where he belongs, that’s the place where he didn’t have to pretend or act. And Caxiope is like a father for him and for all the Vampire in his Castle. Caxiope accept him and them to protect them from another Clan or Humans who, somehow, aware of their existence.

Caxiope have a rare ability where he can “see” their personality. There are a lots of Vampire being rejected by him because of what he “see” inside their cursed soul. He Usually picks a Vampire based on their Human life, before someone turn them into a Vampire. Ryeo for example. When he still human, he was a very kind young man. He was a pianist and a singer. He was very famous at that time, but fame never changed him. He still very kind, and he make a lots of friend because of his gentle personality. Maybe that’s why he was the only Vampire there who had the most difficult time as new Vampire. He never wanted to drink human blood. For so many years he always drank blood from a blood bank in the hospital. But the problem is that he can’t have a strength as good as other vampire who feed from human. He was almost killed because he can’t fight a vampire from another clan who attacked him. Some of them attack another vampire just for fun but some is for a goal like Caxiope, to make a home.

So he understand when Caxiope find out that he Fall in Love with a human girl, he didn’t killed her. Caxiope asked Ryeo to pick between her life or her death. If he continue his relationships Caxiope will kill her. That’s why 2 years ago Ryeo left that girl. Without saying goodbye or anything.

“ What a life.. “ Dane sigh. He realize he was having a daydreaming about what he saw in Ryeo’s life.

Today is Clarissa’s birthday. As usual, Ryeo came to the hills again. This time he’s not alone. He brought Dane along. Ryeo knows Dane would never report him to Caxiope no matter what happen. Even if he decided to get her back to his life. But he sure Caxiope will kill not only Clare but also Dane if he did.

“ Listen.. She will play our song.. “ Ryeo murmured. He jumped up to his favorite place on the Big Tree.

“ Ahh.. Okay.. “ Said Dane. He jumped up to the place next to Ryeo’s.

They don’t have to wait, the music start right after Dane find his place in the Tree. Dane sneaked a look at Ryeo. He closed his eyes. Dane can imagine how it feels. The song was very sad and very deep. He just realized that Ryeo’s fingers are dancing. It’s like he play an air Piano. Every not he touch in the air is seems the same as the girl down there. Dane suddenly felt very upset. He didn’t know that being friend with Ryeo, could make him this weak. Dane was so mush older than Ryeo, but he treated Ryeo like his own brother. They became very close after what happen to Jay years ago. Ryeo found something different in Dane. Someone told him that Dane always picked a victim based on their life. He usually pick a criminal or any other bad guy, who become a bad threat for another humans as his victim. So when Ryeo need a strength, he feed humans based on the same thing as Dane.

The song ended. But he still closed his eyes. Dane try to listen harder what he heard. Dane shocked. His eyes grow wider. He looks at Ryeo, he didn’t even move an inch. She cried. So hard and that’s the saddest cry he have ever heard. So this is why Ryeo never really left her. He understood what he tried to show him today. The girl is dying and it’s all because of him. Ryeo feel very guilty for letting her fall for him as much as he did. Ryeo is a Vampire, he can Love her all his heart all his life. But that girl is a fragile human being, she have a limit. And this is where the limit almost ended.

“ I got it. “ Dane muttered.

Ryeo open his eyes. He looks at the girl’s place in front of him, 260 meters away.

“ I’m not gonna say anything.. “ Dane jumped down and run. He ran so fast. He disappeared in 10 second.

Ryeo still shocked that what he try to show Dane is works. Now he can visit Clare. His forever Love.. Ryeo smile..

Ryeo jumped from tree to tree. He almost there..

“ Please wait.. Please.. “ His smooth voice murmured.

Clare bent her head down. Her hands hold his chest so tight, it’s like her heart will fly out of her body if she didn’t hold it. She cry so hard.. So sad.. She’s desperate.. She can’t bare another pain. Today is the day where he met the love of her life, Ryeo.. Right on her birthday..

“ Oh God.. Please.. Please let this go.. Please.. “ Her low, whisper voice begging.

She cannot hold it. She screamed so hard and run to the balcony. She closed her eyes and jump. Her room is at the 3rd floor of her big classy house. She sure she will died after she jump. She was so sure that all of her pain will be gone if she die. Her frontal decision was almost succeed before someone grabbed her body and saved her. Clare didn’t open her eyes. She wants to die. She sure whoever who just try to saved her, will never can stand to hold her for too long. That person will let her die.

But suddenly she feel like she’s flying. It was like someone carried her and flew. Maybe this is how it’s like to die, she thought..

They arrived some place. It’s very quite here. Is this my grave? She asked her self. She kept her eyes closed. And someone hold her. Someone with a frozen body. Feels like ice. Feels like..Ryeo..

Ahh.. Maybe this is me die, and my family and friends holding me. She thought sadly.

“ Clare!! Clare..!! Open you eyes..!! Please…!!! “ Someone scream and shake her body up and down. She recognized that smooth gently voice. He sounds like her Ryeo..

“ Clare!!! “ He screamed harder. It feels real. Clare still didn’t open her eyes.. She hates reality. She wants to die and buried her reality with her. She knew that damned destiny called reality has made her hurt not herself, but also her family and friends, especially Han. Her very best friend who always stood by her all this time.

“ Clare..!!! Please.. Please open your eyes.. I know you hear me.. Please Clare.. “ He sounds desperate. Clare didn’t know what to do. She scared of what she’ll see if she open them.

“ Clare.. Clare.. I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry.. Please… “ His voice now even more sad and desperate.. He hold her again..

Clare open her eyes slowly.. He didn’t realize that Clare is opening her eyes while he hold her body tight..

Clare’s eyes gazed. She can see him now. He, the one who should’ve took a responsibility to every tears she had these past couple of years.. Ryeo.

“ Ryeo.. “ She whispered. Her tears are started to drown her eyes.

“ Clare…!! Oh Love.. My Love.. !! “ He was almost scream.. He touched her face and saw her tears then swept them. He hold her again.

Clare looked around. They were in a place like a deep forrest. Dark and Green. She just realized they were sitting in a very big tree. It fit for 6 people. And the view was great. All green and there are a lots of animal voices like they were singing.

Clare never realized that to see Ryeo’s big brown deep eyes can make all of her sadness disappear. Feels like she find home after a long lost.

He keep apologizing for everything he have done to her. He tried to tell her that he had to leave her for her safety.

“ I know.. But please.. I’m not that weak.. “

“ Not that weak?? Can’t you see what did you just do today?? Not weak?? “ He raise his tone voice. He’s angry.

“ I was.. I was.. “ Clare lost her words.

“ Don’t. Ever. Do. That. Again. “ He said it curtly. She almost smile.

“ Its not my fault.. It’s hard to fall in love with a Vampire and still alive.. “ She sighed. Ryeo’s eyes grow wider. She gazed at her. She knows??

“ I know.. You don’t go out at a sunny day, You don’t eat, You can play all of Beethoven and Mozart’s melody exactly the same, which is weird, since it was very very difficult. And I saw you jumped from 19 meters high and smoothly arrived in the ground. Save and sound.. “ She explained it.

“ Clare.. “

“ I don’t care.. I know you.. I can see through to your heart that you’re not a monster. You are not a monster.. A Monster cannot Loved.. A Monster cannot be gentle and soft.. A Monster will never defends on a weak human girl and loved her with all his heart.. Like you.. Like you loved me.. And I know you do.. And I can see, that you’re even better than human being itself.. “ She cry. She reached his neck and hold him. He sigh.. He should’ve known that.. So that’s why she never stop him if he wants to go out at night., She knows he had to hunt..

“ Clare.. I’m a threat to you life.. “

“ No you’re not. Please.. Please fight for me.. “ He was shocked that she’d say that. But she probably right.. He hasn’t fight for her. Well not enough at least..

“ Clare.. “

“ I know.. It’s not easy.. But, I wanna fight to.. Please bring me to him..”

Him? “

“ Yes.. Him.. I Don’t know who he is but I know that there’s someone who asked you to choose between my life or our love.. It has to be someone powerful. It’s always like that. We’re having the same story with those movies and drama. But this is reality and I don’t wanna end up like those movies where they give up and leave for their love one safety.. That’s crazy! I wanna fight, and I want you to fight.. “ She smile and land a sweet kiss on his lips.

“ You’re my Hero.. “ Said Ryeo.

“ Its Spring.. No Hero appears on spring day.. Summer have a lot of them.. “

“ I’m not talking about any movie.. “

“ Hey.. let’s watch Spiderman this summer.. He is so my Hero!! “ She laugh. Ryeo watch her laugh and feel glad. He know she forgive him even before he asked.

“ I Love you Clarissa… “ She gave Ryeo smile, the smile he’ve been waiting for.

Han was right. Her smile and laughter are so warm. She is our Lovely ClarisSunShine. And he will fight for her no matter what. Caxiope is not easy to deal with, but he knew one thing. Caxiope has already seen what’s inside his girlfriend’s soul. If he hasn’t, He will kill Clare right after he finds out our relationship. Besides, Caxiope is like a father for him. He cares about him. And Ryeo..knows that…


Dedicated to : Celina Clarissa Irwandy. Inspired by : Kim Rreowook “Super Junior”, Kim Kibum “Super Junior”

PS: Please pardon my english..wrote it yeaarssss ago. Didnt realise it was not published yet lol

By jacideeblacks

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By jacideeblacks

Another Journey To Visit The Big Bad Wolf

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This is Endah

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This is Citra

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Tiket check out storage

Saya kembali sampai kantor pukul 15:20 (karena sulit sekali mendapat driver grab siang itu, saat datang nebeng endah🤣) dengan sambutan cemberut atasan saya 🤣 Maaf yaaaa… Setahun sekali saya jadi agak bandel..

Saya menyelesaikan pekerjaan yang tertinggal hingga pukul 19.15 dan langsung meminta suami untuk mengantar saya kembali ke BBW. Sesampainya disana semakin ramai saja pengunjung BBW. Sempat berpikir untuk langsung pulang saja karena anak saya menunggu di rumah dengan eyangnya. Tetapi tetap saja setelah mengambil barang di storage saya tetap sambil mencari cari yang menarik.

Baru hari ke 2 namun timbunan buku yang tidak jadi di beli sudah menumpuk saja ☹

Beberapa bahkan sudah dalam kondisi mengenaskan. Sudah tidak ada kata yang bisa di ungkapkan betapa menyedihkannya itu. Dan entah tipikal orang indonesia yang kepala batu atau ada beberapa oknum yang pura pura tidak tahu peraturan mengenai makan dan minum di area buku. Mereka bahkan membuang sampahnya sembarangan di dalam troli.

Akan tetapi BBW 2018 jauh lebih nyaman dari pada tahun tahun sebelumnya. Masalah antrian presale dan kasir yang paling saya acungi jempol.

Jum’at itu pun fasilitas untuk ibadah sholat jum’at pun di buka di hall 6. Juga terdapat playing room untuk anak. BBW tentu saja mengetahui pasar terbesarnya adalah ibu ibu dengan anak anaknya. Namun sayang, saya tidak melihat ada Nursing Room khusus untuk ibu menyusui.

Di dalam venue, Mandiri BBW juga menyediakan area istirahat para pengunjung.

Kembali ke hunting malam malam. Saya memasuki antrian pukul 20:30 malam. Cukup ketakutan karena padatnya jalur antrian.

Namun antrian ini sama ramainya dengan presale 2017 namun tidak diam di tempat. Antrian terus saja maju ke depan dan akhirnya saya hanya membutuhkan waktu 15 menit untuk ke kasir. LUAR BIASA. Trauma saya langsung mati secara mengenaskan.

Thank you again BBW!! Tunggu saya balik lagi ya.. As i said before, kontrak darah sama BBW. MASIH SAJA TIDAK PUAS. Ahhh.. Manusia..

By jacideeblacks


Big Bad Wolf… Saat ini pecinta buku seluruh tanah air sudah pasti tahu serigala satu ini. Termasuk saya. Sejak tahun 2016 saya seperti sudah kontrak darah untuk terus datang ke event luar biasa ini. Ketika presale 2017 yang sedikit mengecewakan karena membuat saya antri ke kasir selama 6 jam tidak membuat saya takut untuk datang kembali.

Berbekal pengalaman tahun tahun lalu, saya menulis mengenai BBW untuk mendapatkan tiket presale. Selama beberapa hari saya pantau social media BBW, saya merasa senang karena mungkin presale tahun ini lebih eksklusif. Tidak banyak membuang buang tiket presale kepada kami kami si serigala buku. Saya bahkan mengikuti kuis di twitter, instagram dan facebook untuk mendapatkannya. Alangkah terkejutnya ketika saya ternyata dengan mudah dapat tiket presale. Bahkan dari website untuk membershipnya pun saya dapat. Mengetahui akan ada ribuan orang di presale, saya agak trauma tapi tetap saja datang. Saya berpikir, tidak mungkin BBW tidak belajar dari event tahun tahun yang lalu.

Saya datang pukul 7:30 pagi dan langsung tukar tiket jalur blogger. Ada cerita aneh saat saya selesai menukar tiket. Seorang ibu muda sendirian menghampiri saya. Dia ternyata menang tiket presale dari bank mandiri namun baru bisa di claim pukul 9 pagi sedangkan ia harus kembali ke kantor pukul 10. Yah karena saya juga masih ada tiket dari membership, saya claim untuk dia gunakan. Anehnya saya tidak kenal sama sekali. Yahh para pecinta buku memang harus saling support kan?!😉

Tahun ini saya tidak menjadi solo hunter. Teman saya ternyata sudah lebih dulu datang dan sudah menyisakan tempat untuk saya dalam antrian. Antrian terdiri dari 2 baris memanjang ke belakang. Wah.. pikiran saya semakin positif saja. Karena presale tahun lalu antriannya sangat tidak beraturan dan membuat mereka saling sikut untuk masuk.

Panitia BBW Jakarta sudah belajar banyak dari tahun lalu untuk masalah antrian masuk venue. Saya merasa nyaman dan tenang walau antrian memanjang dan mengular. Semua tertib dan rapi. Tidak ada saling sikut.

Sekitar pukul 9 pintu mulai di buka. Saya kira tipikal orang indonesia akan tetap berebut untuk masuk. Tetapi tidak! Pengaturan masuk ke venue tetap berjalan dua barisan dan petugas pun tegas mengenai hal ini.

Ketika masuk, kami langsung di suguhkan aroma menyenangkan buku buku baru. Saya yang awalnya bersama teman pun langsung gencar hunting buku anak. Teman saya kebetulan belum menikah, jadi dia lebih suka hunting di area young adults dan fiction. BBW memang surganya buku anak. Saya terus saja memenuhi troli saya dengan bermacam buku untuk anak.

Walau saya sangat tergila gila dengan buku anak anak di BBW, saya juga suka baca. Dan entah kenapa saya merasa tahun ini lebih menyempit untuk section favorit saya, Young Adults, Fiction dan Romance. Tapi buku terjemahan dari Mizan saya akui bertambah dengan munculmya judul judul baru yang tidak ada di tahun lalu.

Tahun lalu, karena saya sendirian jadi saya benar benar hunting till drop. Tahun ini karena saya bersama teman dan troli juga sudah penuh, saya pun beranjak menuju kasir sekitar pukul 2 siang. Karena ketakutan saya masih memenuhi pikiran mengenai antrian kasir presale tahun lalu, saya pun menuju kasir. Dan.. KOSONG!

Dalam antrian kasir banyak yang membawa beberapa troli dan koper, namun tidak se-hectic tahun lalu. Scan barcode buku buku yang di beli pun berjalan lancar tanpa kesulitan apapun. Jika di bandingkan tahun lalu dimana saya harus menunggu sang supervisor turun tangan membantu, kali ini tidak sama sekali. Kasir pun cekatan sekali.

Proses pembayaran di kasir selesai saya langsung keluar dan melenggang dengan tenang. Ketakutan saya tidak terbukti. BBW benar benar belajar dari tahun tahun yang lalu.

Dari mulai antrian masuk, antrian kasir, bahkan storage untuk penitipan buku customer pun lebih rapi. Saya sempat kesana untuk titip buku tapi saya pikir tidak perlu karena sepertinya saya sanggup membawa semua dengan sepeda motor saya.

Setelah sholat dzuhur saya pun pulang. Sempat berpikir untuk kirim via tiki saja belanjaan saya, tetapi saya harus report ke suami semua yang saya beli. Maklum dia yang bayar 😁

Ini lah hasil perburuan hari ini.

Dan anak saya langsung heboh melihat semua. Tentu saja Arlo si Dino, Sound Book Train dan Busy Boat menjadi favoritnya.

Yang jadi favorit saya tahun ini adalah You Can Draw. Benar benar investasi!

Tapi entah kenapa saya belum puas! Saya akan kembali. Saya biasanya datang 4 sampai 5 kali 🤣🤣🤣

Overall Presale Tahun ini SUKSES. Walau para jastip dan reseller masih melahap banyak buku menarik, saya tidak takut untuk kembali. Karena lebih tertib saya pun merasa lebih aman dan nyaman. Terima Kasih BBW!!! Semoga kehadiranmu akan lebih membuat rakyat indonesia menyukai buku dan membaca. Dan ini sudah mulai terlihat dari antusiasme para serigala buku terhadap event ini. Semua kalangan akan menyukai event tahunan ini. SEMUA. TRUST ME!!! Sampai jumpa lagi BBW!!! Tunggu saya besok dan hari hari berikutnya. Terima Kasih untuk pemilihan venue yang hanya berjarak 15 menit dari kantor! Saya tambah semangat mengajak teman teman kantor untuk hadir!

Untuk yang belum pernah datang, tidak usah khawatir! Tahun ini BBW tidak seperti yang di keluhkan tahun lalu. CAUSE I WAS THERE TOO LAST YEAR AND ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

Promo banget gak sih?! Well..I’ll do ANYTHING to make BBW coming back here EVERY YEAR!! 😉

I’ll see you again very soon!

By jacideeblacks


Sebenarnya sudah lama sekali ingin review sebanyak banyaknya tentang BIG BAD WOLF JAKARTA, hanya tidak pernah kesampaian. Hahaha.. Tentu para pecinta buku sudah sangat mengenal event satu ini. Dan sama halnya seperti saya, pasti sudah menanti nanti event tahunan ini.

Pertama kali kenal BBW itu tidak sengaja ketika teman saya meretweet event ini. Shock selama beberapa jam sambil browsing tentang event ini. Bagaimana saya tidak tahu event ini hanya berlokasi 15 menit dari kantor saya! Hari itu juga langsung mengajukan cuti untuk bisa datang ke BBW 2016.

Saat itu saya belum lama pindah rumah dan bayi saya masih berusia sekitar 5 bulan. Janjian sama teman saya Freya untuk ketemuan di BBW, memboyong si kecil dan pengasuhnya.

Saya sangat suka ICE BSD karena pengalaman ketika hamil dan menonton super show disana. Tempatnya baru dan sangat nyaman. Musholla dan Toilet juga terjaga sekali kebersihannya. Sayang tidak ada Nursery Room disana. Karena ke BBW 2016 anak saya masih full ASI, jadilah setiap kali dia haus saya lari ke Musholla untuk menyusui. Ternyata ada juga beberapa Ibu muda yang melakukan hal yang sama. Agak risih memang kalau harus menyusui di Musholla yang notabene tempat umum. Tapi saya lebih menyayangi anak saya ketimbang rasa risih yang saya rasakan.

Saya hanya membeli beberapa buku yang tentu saja untuk anak. Karena buku anak anak di BBW luar biasa murah dan tentu saja bermanfaat. Usia anak saya sedang penasaran dengan bunyi bunyi dan warna. Jadilah saya membeli sound book dan board book tentang binatang. Juga Classic Treasury Fairy Tales dan Disney Princesses. Maklum anak saya perempuan jadi saya pikir pasti nanti akan suka Princesses. Dan karena sebentar lagi si kecil akan MPASI saya beli buku tentang MPASI how to feed your baby.

Saya shock ternyata tidak sampai 500k saya spend untuk kesemuanya. Namanya juga sayang anak, saya belum kebagian untuk yang satu ini. Namun saya tidak puas hunting hari itu. Besoknya saya datang lagi dan lagi lagi beli buat anak.

Buku Bedtime Stories salah satu favorit anak saya karena ilustrasinya yang sangat cantik juga jalan cerita yang menyenangkan. Sampai sekarang masih utuh lho.. Buku Buku BBW itu benar benar punya kualitas terbaik. Maklum saja, buku Import harga Lokal. Bagi emak emak macam saya, event ini luar biasa menyenangkan. Harga buku buku anak di Indonesia sangat mahal. Jadi karena BBW 2016 tidak ada budget untuk beli banyak, saya mengalah demi anak. Dengan harapan ia akan menyukai buku dan hobi membaca seperti saya. Meski budget untuk BBW 2016 terkesan mendadak untuk saya, ternyata masih tidak benar benar menguras kantong. Dan buku bukunya masih awet sampai sekarang. Padahal anak saya termasuk yang senang aktifitas fisik, seperti menggigiti atau menaiki buku buku yang coba ia baca 🤣

Walau penuh penyesalan karena mendadak baru tahu event BIG BAD WOLF JAKARTA 2016, niat untuk hunting balas dendam di tahun berikutnya pun sudah bersemayam di hati. Dan langsung follow semua social media nya BBW juga browsing browsing mengenai event ini baik yang di indonesia maupun di luar.

Dan tibalah saatnya pengumuman BBW 2017. Seketika heboh sendirian di kantor dan langsung minta cuti. Sejak 2016 sudah mengetahui adanya pre sale dan mengincar tiket presale agar bisa dapat buku buku bagus untuk si kecil. Dan BBW 2017 ternyata berlangsung selama 24 jam non stop setiap harinya! Sebenarnya ingin sekali hunting tengah malam karena biasanya lebih sengang. Tapi karena sudah punya bayi yah harus melawan hawa nafsu untuk hunting tengah malam.

Dan ternyata mudah sekali mendapatkannya. Hanya mendaftar menjadi member dan voila, tiket sudah di tangan. Saya berpikir kalau tidak ada kuota tertentu, ya sama saja dengan datang di hari Sale nya. Tetapi saya lebih terfokus untuk membuat daftar buku yang ingin di beli. BBW selalu update mengenai jenis buku serta harga di social media juga di website. Ini salah satu cara untuk mencoba membuat daftar agar menyesuaikan dengan budget. Walau pada akhirnya hunting sampai boros juga. Hahahaha…

Tibalah hari presale. Sangat bersemangat pagi pagi sudah stand by di ICE BSD. Ternyata sudah banyak pecinta buku (saya kira begitu) yang sudah datang.

Saya pun menuju loket untuk menukarkan tiket presale. Lalu duduk menunggu pintu di buka. Saya tidak terlalu fokus pada acara opening book haul ini dan terus saja memantau socmed BBW dari handphone. Siapa tahu ada update terbaru buku buku kece kan. Oh iya, saya ikut kuis dan memenangkan VIP tiket presale juga Cash Voucher 100 ribu. Alhamdulillah rejeki si kecil.

Ketika pintu akan di buka, kami di minta untuk berbaris rapi agar lebih tertib ketika masuk. Saya kebetulan tidak bawa si kecil karena tahun lalu tidak fokus mencari buku karena fokus pada si kecil. Ketika pintu di buka saya langsung tarik troli. Wahh oke nih..tahun lalu tidak ada troli. Hanya keranjang dengan roda. Tapi betapa terkejutnya saya ketika serombongan ibu ibu juga bapaknya mengambil banyak troli dan langsung meraup buku buku anak. Agak kesal saya ambil satu satu semua yang mereka ambil. Walaupun tadinya mau cek dulu isinya tapi karena melihat mereka menghabiskan isi display saya tidak mau sampai kehabisan buku bagus untuk anak saya. Saya menduga mereka adalah jastip yang memang saat itu sedang booming. Belakangan saya tahu tidak semuanya jastip. Karena banyak yang menjual buku buku tersebut 3 kali lipatnya di berbagai web juga instagram.

Kembali ke hari presale. Saya lanjut berkeliling untuk hunting buku dan menemukan ada yang berbeda di BBW tahun ini. Sekarang di dalam terdapat rest area yang menjual berbagai macam makanan dan minuman juga playground untuk anak. Wahh tahu begitu saya bawa si kecil.

Dan yang lebih menyenangkan lagi, ada tempat penitipan buku buku yang akan kita beli! Berlaku 1 x 24 jam and free of charge! Untuk solo hunter seperti saya ini sangatlah membantu ketika saya hendak ke Musholla untuk sholat atau ke tempat lain. Saya menggunakannya untuk bisa pergi sholat dan ke toilet karena di dalam sangat penuh, juga untuk titip buku yang tidak sanggup saya bawa pulang sendirian. Saat itu saya tidak membawa kendaraan dan berniat menggunakan ojek online untuk datang dan pulang.

Tapi sekali lagi tempat penitipan inipun di kuasai jastip jastip. Sehingga membuat antrian memanjang.

Seharian penuh saya habiskan di BBW sampai kaki pegal dan terpaksa melepas sepatu dan berkeliling lagi hanya menggunakan kaos kaki. Lucunya saya merasa senang seperti di rumah sendiri. Pegal di kaki mereda lanjut hunting lagi.

Sebenarnya saya tidak menyalahkan pihak BBW yang terkesan kurang prepare untuk menghadapi para jastip yang luar biasa rakus ini. Mungkin ini salah satu penghasilan mereka, saya juga tidak menyalahkannya. Tetapi saya sedih ketika banyak dari mereka yang cancel barang lalu meletakkannya sembarangan. Juga mereka membuka lapak lapak di dalam area yang sangat menganggu. Malah ada yang menjual beberapa item kepada orang yang ingin meminta salah satu buku dari troli mereka. Walau mereka hanya membayar “ongkos jastip” tetap saja barang tersebut masih milik BBW karena mereka belum melakukan transaksi pembayaran. Itu membuat saya sedih dan kecewa.

Saya tidak tega ketika ada seorang anak kecil yang melihat ada Deluxe Book Gift dan Princess dalam troli saya dan ia sangat menginginkannya. Ibunya bertanya “mba dapatnya dimana?” Saya bilang saya dari pagi bu, tadi pagi masih banyak tapi di borong jastip. Ibunya hanya bilang “yahh..” sementara sang anak terlihat ingin menangis. Maaf ya dek, ini saya juga ambil hanya satu untuk anak saya 😭 Jam 4 sore saya mulai mengantri untuk ke kasir tetapi sungguh terlambat! Antrian ternyata mengular dan saya bahkan tidak menemukan ujung antriannya!

Selidik boleh selidik ternyata karena di kasirnya juga kurang prepare. Nominal yang terdeteksi di komputer mereka tidak sesuai dengan harga di label. Malah saya mengalami 2 kali transaksi sampai akhirnya mereka mamasukkan harganya secara manual, bahkan sampai kokoh nya datang karena voucher saya tidak bisa mereka proses. Pada akhirnya masuk antrian pukul 4 sore dan keluar pukul 10 malam. ITU SANGAT LUAR BIASA MENGESALKAN. Rasa lelah pun terobati ketika pulang ke rumah si kecil masih menunggu dan sangat senang dengan buku buku yang saya belikan.

Memerlukan 3 kantong besar untuk membawa semua. Dan Alhamdulillah terdapat booth Grab di ICE jadi ketika kesulian order sendiri karena sudah malam, mereka membantu saya order Grab Bike. Tadinya berniat untuk baik Grab Car tetapi waktu tidak memungkinkan untuk naik Grab Car. Bisa sampai rumah tengah malam karena rumah saya di Gunung Sindur.

Lalu apakah saya kapok? OF COURSE NOT! Saya datang kembali hari berikutnya ketika pulang kerja dan beberapa kali di hari lainnya. Hingga hari terakhir pun saya datang. Saya menyukai aroma buku baru ketika saya masuk area BBW dan setiap kali datang, pasti ada saja yang di beli.

Box of Treasure : Jangan lupa intip intip karena sering menemukan banyak buku yang sangat bagus dan tidak ada di dispay tapi ada di sini.

Kalau di bilang kalap sih pasti akan selalu kalap kalau berhubungan sama BBW. Saya ikut kuis di FB dan Twitter untuk bisa memenangkan voucher yang di bagi bagikan. Lumayan untuk tambah tambah beli buku.

Oiya.. saat presale saya sempat berpapasan dengan Mentri Susi yang datang untuk acara pembukaan. Tapi sayang tidak sempat foto karena beliau juga terburu buru. Dan sang Governer jakarta juga datang bersama ibundanya. WOW! Walau saya berharap yang datang Pak Habibie tapi mungkin beliau sudah punya terlalu banyak buku.

Sampai saat ini saya masing mengingat aroma buku buku di BBW dan tidak sabar lagi untuk hunting.

Tidak semua buku di foto tapi ini salah satu buku anak yang terbaik yang pernah saya beli:

Saya sering mentweet akun mereka dan terus terusan bertanya apakah BBW 2018 akan ada. Mengingat banyak sekali komplain karena jastip jastip itu. Saya sendiri yang mengalami “bertempur” hunting buku buku bagus untuk anak saya sebelum mereka libas habis semua. Semoga di tahun ini akan ada perbaharuan dan akan jauh lebih baik. Dan saya percaya BBW belajar dari kesalahan kesalahan lalu. Sangat antusias utnuk BBW 2018. Berharap bisa dapat tiket presale dan cuti agar seharian bisa hunting. Berbekal pengalaman sebelumnya, semoga tahun ini bisa fight jika presale masih harus di kuasai jastip. SEMANGAT!!! Semoga bisa berkesempatan mendapatkan tiket presale. Lets be BAD with the WOLF this year.

By jacideeblacks


Its been a very long time since the last tkme i post something here. I love writing but mostly on wattpad cause i dont do blogging as much. I love writing stories and poems. And this blog mostly dedicated to support all.of super junior members. I am still ELF but i dont have much time to spend on things like this anymore. Sad but true. I have a baby now and thats my kind of world right now, the mommy world. I will still support Super Junior members, in any way i could.

This is her..My whole new world 😗

By jacideeblacks

Super Show 5 in Seoul Package



So.. The Super Show 5 Seoul finally here.. SMent has Officially announce it via Super Junior Official website. So here’s the package that might help you to attend Super Show 5 without makes you in such a hurry-scurry situations! 

SS5 Official Announcement

SS5 Official Announcement

Super Show 5 Live Concert in Seoul Package


PRICE : USD 1350 (Rp. 13.350.000)

Including :

  1. 5 Nights stay in K-Pop Themed Hostel
  2. Super Show 5 Tickets (2 days concert)
  3. Airport Pick-Up (airport-hostel, vise versa)
  4. Flight (Korean Airlines : GCK-ICN-GCK (KE628, return KE627)
  5. Breakfast
  6. Tour Leader


Excluding :

  • Visa (IDR 600.000)
  • Airport Tax (IDR 150.000)
  • Meals (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Other personal expenses


Itinerary :

Thursday, March 21st

22:05                   Departure to Incheon via Soekarno Hatta International Airport [KE628]


Friday, March 22nd

06:50                   Arrived at Incheon International Airport

08:00                   Going to the hostel, luggage check in

09:00                   Free time until 2 PM, when guests are allowed to check in

14:00                   Check in hostel –  Free time


Saturday, March 23rd

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel and preparation to go to concert venue


23:00                   Arriving at hostel


Sunday, March 24th

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel and preparation to go to concert venue


23:00                   Arriving at hostel


Monday, March 25th

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel

Free Day (Exploring Seoul)


Tuesday, March 26th

09:00                   Breakfast at hostel

11:00                   Ckecking out from hostel

15:35                   Departure to Soekarno Hatta International Airport via Incheon International Airport [KE627]

20:40                   Arriving at Soekarno Hatta International Airport


**TERMS Of Payment:

  • Down Payment: IDR 2.000.000  [February 22nd at the Latest]
  • First installment: IDR 9.000.000 + IDR 600.000 (Visa Fee)  [March 5th at the latest]
  • Second installment: IDR 2.350.000  [March 20th at the latest]

NOTE: Minimum of 10 people leave in One Group

Registration open until February 22nd at 23;30 WIB [Form, copy of Passport and down payment MUST already be submitted]


Available for Non-Indonesian ELF

The Price will Be USD650 (Excluding Airlines Tickets)

For Question contact
                                  email :
                                  twitter : @JaciDeeBlacks
                                  Kakao-Talk ID : DillaDee13




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