110209 Heechul’s letter to HanGeng (Translate)

Dear Hankyung..

Hankyung~ah……!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! I really wish you all the best and i wish all your dreams come true ^^
If you’re here i can directly give you present! But you’re not here so i send you.. I hope you like it >▼<

Hankyung~ah.. How are you?? I know you will always be fine now.. But i still wanna ask. You win so many awards i heard.. Congratulations!! I know you’re talented! And i’m happy for you..

Hankyung~ah.. Do you remember our first met? You were so lost! But somehow i know how great person you are. Maybe that’s why i can be so easily get close to you.. That was summer.. And i even remember what you wearing that day. A blue shirt with that stupid cartoon on the front! kekekekekeke.. You know..this summer will be so hard for me.. I really miss spending time with you. I even miss your silly dialect and your korean spelling. Kekekkekeke.. No really, i miss you. I miss stoling your sun glasses and your wardrobe to! Hahaha.. No really, i really miss you.

Do you know that i’m going to enter the Military Service next year?? Actually, i don’t want to go.. Well i’m sure you’ll forbid me to if you were here.. But i think i have to go.. I’m SpaceBigStar Kim Heechul.. I have to be a role model right? But i’m really worried. I’m afraid people will forget me after i leave..
And do you know that people still want you to be part of Super Junior?? Especially our ELF. I wish you can change your mind and come back.. I wish i could turn back time and lock you in my room so you can’t run to china.

Hankyung~ah.. do you miss me?? Everytime i saw you on tv i always see your pure smile. You smile with your eyes which, i rarely see that when you were here.. You seems really happy. And free. I am happy for you.. But, i don’t know.. I feel like you try to forget me.. But it wasn’t true right?
Heebum and Bangshin miss you to.. They oftenly play at our room in the dorm. We left that room just like before. We won’t change it until you’re coming back. It’s our room forever. Anytime you visit Korea, i’m not gonna let you stay at some hotel. You must stay here. In our dorm. This place is still your house..

Hankyung~ah.. How’s your Mother and Father?? I hope they’re fine.. I hope they still remember me and Super Junior members.. My Mother asked about you few days ago. I told my Father that you haven’t called me since last month. Maybe he told my mother. My mother is really likes you, don’t you know? She even wants you to marry my sister! I disagree with that. You’re mine! Kekekkekkeke
Speaking of girls,,are you seeing anyone right now? ^^ Just curious.. 😀 I’m not seeing anyone.. I think girls are really not that into me. They keep saying that i’m prettier than them! -___- Even if it’s true, i’m still a guy not a girl!
Do you still remember So Hee? Wonder Girls So Hee.. I think she likes me now! Anytime i met her, not oftenly of course, she smile so bright and she even buy me drinks. She still so cute.. I always thought you likes her to.. Ya!! You should’ve told me if you do..!!

Ahhh.. I’m so tired.. I just get back from Japan and Singapore.. Super Show is really tiring! And i always had a bad mood. There are no one like you who can cheer me up and dare to set a prank on me.. Maybe i’ll get mad, but at least i’m not gonna be this bored and felt this tiredness all over my body. Don’t call me old! I’m not old!! ?O?

Our schedule keeps me more busy. But i try to enjoy it. I can forget that you’re not here. It still makes me sad. I know it’s not your fault. And i don’t wanna blame you. I know how suffer you are, when you were here. And i completely understand.

Haish! I’m writing this letter as simple as i can, so don’t call me just to ask what’s the meaning of these words okay?? -___-

Hankyung~ah.. I want to go to china before i enter my military service. Can you pick me up and show me around? Take me to your hometown. You told me about it and somehow i always want to visit. I’m going alone so you must treat me well.. And make sure you have no schedule!! Kekekekeke

Hankyung~ah.. I miss you!!!!!!!!!!! All Super Junior members to.. I met Kibum a week ago and we talk about you. He never blame you to.. He’s a good kid. But he’s angry because you never told him that you’re leaving. He knew about you left Korea from the media. Poor him. He was really shock and sad. And no one can tell them what really happen. I told him everything. He wont judge don’t worry.. ^^

You know what time is it?? 01 AM!! I cant sleep.. 😦 And it’s your Birthday.. I wonder what time is it in China. I want to call you but I don’t know. Maybe you won’t pick up. I know you’re very busy and you must be really tired right now.

Ahhh… There so many things I want to say to you but my brain is frozen!! You know i’m good in talking, not writing! Hankyung~ah.. Do you remember the t-shirt you bought me for my birthday? I found the same one, but different colour. It’s black, your favorite color. I send it to you to. I got the red one and you the black! Kekekekeke

Hmmmmm.. What else? Oh, I want to ask you a favor. Can you call Eeteuk? He might be strong and seems careless about you. But he really worried. He knew how busy you are and he worried about your health. Well, I know he miss you to.. Call him okay?

Hankyung~ah.. Do you know Donghae is acting in a drama? Kekekkekeke
He was so serious about it. He keeps asking me about acting and bothered me a lot. That little brother is really annoying lately! Kekekkekekke
I think Donghae wants to call you to and ask about how to be a good actor, but he will end up crying.
Ahhh.. I miss the time when we set a prank on Eunhyuk and make him cry.. Hahahahahhaha..
He still like a kid, crying over a little things. I make him cry a lot. Sorry Eunhyuk~ah!!! Kekekkekekeke
But he told me he really miss spending time in the dancing room with you. He said you’ll help him a lot. He also said I’m not a good dancer! Oh..What for? I’m very handsome and very famous and I don’t have to be a good dancer to keep that.. >▼<

Manager hyung always angry and telling me to focus in dance practice!! I wish you here and defend on me! Kekkekeke

Hankyung~ah.. I might be not a good friend for you, and I am so sorry for that. I try my best to be the best friend you’ll ever had. You’re my best friend and you will always be my best friend. No matter how far you are, please don’t forget me.. Don’t forget Super Junior..
Hankyung~ah.. Happy Birthday.. I miss you..


Kim Heechul

6 comments on “110209 Heechul’s letter to HanGeng (Translate)

  1. Hangeng oppa is in Su ju m as leader, I was shocked about him left Super Junior, its more shocking then G dragon s Marihuna scandal. Han geng ge always fighting.

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