SpaceBigStar Kim Heechul Facts

Pre-debut Facts

  • Heechul, along with Yunho, Jaejoong and Kangin ate food worth 300,000 won and get yelled at.
  • He, along with them, ate noodles in the streets.
  • During winter. Heechul and his friends will walked or run down the mountain using potato sacks as toboggans because there is no bus.
  • Heechul sang rock ballads when he auditioned in SM ent. He sung Kim Jungmin songs and NEXT songs entitled Here i stand for you.
  • During trainee days, when Heechul, Kangin, Yunho and Jaejoong practice together. Heechul will dance ’til he broke his bones to keep up with Yunho’s dancing skill.
  • Yunho once thought if Heechul’s like him. Not as a friend.
  • Heechul played alone when he was a kid.
  • He got bullied by a girl older than him.
  • Even he’s sick he would still go to school.
  • Heechul have this ‘pretty-little-image’ when he was a kid, that one time a sales-person show him a girls apparel.
  • Because his family always moving house, he made a lesser friend.
  • Heechul loves trouble.XD
  • Heechul got passed his audition by dancing a very lousy and dorky dance. Amazing ah? That’s the charm of Kim Heechul.
  • Heechul was late on the audition but one look on his face they agree to see his performance for the audition.
  • During winter. Heechul and his friends will walked or run down the mountain using potato sacks as toboggans because there is no bus.
  • Heechul sang rock ballads when he auditioned in SM ent. Kim Jungmin’ song and NEXT songs ..”Here i stand for you”
  • During trainee days, when Heechul,Kangin, yunho &jaejoong used to practice together. Heechul will dance ’til he broke his bones to keep up with Yunho’s dancing skill.
  • Whenever Heechul will met up with Yunho, Hee will always be all clingy to him.
  • Yunho once thought if Heechul had a crush on him.
  • Yunho said about how Heechul is actually ‘manly’ but for some reason whenever they’d hang out Heechul would dress in pink with a weird handback and people would think he was his girlfriend.
  • Yunho’s real girlfriend back then saw him and Heechul and thought that Yunho was cheating on her.
  • The person that Yunho’s cares more about is Heechul.
  • Heechul was not a popular kid when he was a kid.
  • Heechul had been called as “weird kid” by other kids and even his own teacher felt it too that all he can do is to smile.
  • Heechul, back when he’s still a nursery, he did things on his own. Feeling responsibility about that he never asked help from others.
  • Heechul hated it when someone is helping him.
  • Heechul doesn’t have a lot of friends when he’s still studying.. that’s includes the girls.
  • One time, Heechul got hit by a girl older by him that it become hot topics among others. He didn’t cry nor laugh but instead he went home straight.
  • When Heechul was still a kid, he was rumoured that he hated girls.
  • When Heechul was a kid and was having a tantrum, he cried so much that her mother didn’t let him to go inside because of his non-stop crying, a lady passed by and saw him with his puffy eyes, the ajjuhmma fall for his charm even with this and she knocks on their door and persuade her parents to let him in and told them that a cute and polite boy could never have made a big mistake.
  • Heechul is in entertainment now because he love it and it was his parent’s dream for him (to see him in tv)

Debut Facts

  • Heechul wanted to install more camera in Youngstreet because there the camera there is not that great unlike in Kiss the Radio.
  • Heechul never lie on the show. He never said that he looked ugly on shows. even once.
  • Heechul liked older women, but since nowadays, there is a lot of new artiste’s that are cute, he’s now more attracted to younger women.*cough* Sohee *cough*
  • Heechul thinks that 48 million views on his cyworld/minihompy is toolittle. Yah, everyone. Go view his cyworld now.
  • Heechul thinks that Leeteuk is so seemed too easy to bully when he first came. but now it’s shindong that was much better to bully.
  • For Heechul dieting, he would only eat chili and sweet potato. He lost 4 kg by just eating like this.
  • Heechul is thankful to Zhoumi for he became his arms and legs in time he’s recuperating from the accident he had.
  • Donghae is the one who influence Heechul to make twitter. *thank you fishy!*
  • Heechul hates complicated things, that’s why he deleted his first Twitter account because he got frustrated while using it.
  • Heechul seems to have cold personality, but he’s just shy that he doesn’t know how to express himself.
  • When Heechul brought in the hospital because of the accident, he tried not to faint by biting his tongue that it bleed a lot. The nurses and the patients where came to him and started taking pictures of him. He was so sad that he could only cry and keep on thinking that he shouldnt blink.
  • And even if he had already fractured 5 parts of his leg plus other injuries, he’s still afraid of fainting in front of the camera. to succeed, he bit his tongue so hard it bled and he didn’t talk for a week.
  • Along with Kibum, Heechul has a passion for acting.
  • Heechul loves pissing Hankyung off.
  • Hankyung cried when he Heechul had his first comeback after his car accident.
  • Heechul becomes paranoid of his surroundings since the day he debuted.
  • Heechul was called “Acting Genius” and then was officially called “Pretty Man”
  • Heechul never lie on the show. He never said that he looked ugly on shows not even once.
  • Heechul helped Hankyung a lot when the latter didn’t have any schedules and couldn’t come out on programs.
  • Heechul cared a lot about his image since the start of their debut.
  • He always think that whenever he will go, there will allways be a third eye that’s watching him. That’s why even when he’s home. he will cover himself a blanket while changing his clothes.
  • Heechul doesn’t blink even when thinking because he’s afraid that the camera will catch it
  • When Heechul brought in the hospital because of the accident, he tried not to faint by biting his tongue that it bleed a lot. The nurses and the patients came to him and started taking pictures of him. He was so sad that he could only cry and keep on thinking that he shouldnt blink.
  • Heechul got more addicted in playing games after he debuted.
  • During filming of Golden Bride, Heechul feels melancholic while reading the scripts of it because it(characters he’s playing) has the similar personality in his life.
  • After Heechul’s debut, he was usually hard to get along.
  • Heechul wants to put his heart into acting, to prove that he(and the other members) are very hard-working.
  • When SJ debuted, Hee keep his distance to his co-members because he feels that his own mistakes represent all SJ mistakes.
  • When Heechul was a dj of Youngstreet before, women doesn’t like talking to him because they are afraid of Heechul.
  • Heechul solo shots in Bonamana MV is 13 seconds.  *my head hurts adding them up.* LOL [not 100% accurate. XD] but u can try lol.
  • Due to people talking badly of him, he thinks that the other members are being talked of badly as well.
  • Heechul’s kisses guy on the stage (while performing) because it was for ELF. nothing more nothing less. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • When Super Junior was first formed, Heechul worried for the leader, Leeteuk.
  • When the august 2006 accident happened, he didn’t talk for a week for biting his tongue.
  • A metal rods had to be placed in his left leg because of the fractured he gain at that accident.
  • After a few months, he made his comeback standing on a stage singing Super Junior-T’s  ”Is there no one like me.”
  • Hankyung was there to support him, and Hankyung cried when he saw Heechul perform on the stage.
  • The character of Hee’s in Golden Bride had a personality that’s very similar to him that he cried while reading the scripts
  • Heechul auditioned in Oct 2002 and debut as an actor in March 2005

Random Facts Part 1

  • Heechul loves to go online. (proven fact) Hahaha.
  • Heechul is a twitter addict.
  • He bought an iPhone just to update his Twitter.
  • Heechul can’t whistle. *Oppa I’ll teach you how!*
  • Heechul is a man who’s keeping little things in his heart.
  • Leeteuk name on Heechul’s phone is GaeTeuk wich mean DogTeuk.
  • Heechul is awed on a Petals that’s really goods in creating graphics.
  • Heechul debuted after more than two years of training.
  • He is unique in a special different way~
  • He’s an atheist and have his own religion called Rellagyo.
  • He loves to played pranks on others but you can’t never played a prank on him, because he’s sharp about it.
  • Heechul is very peculiar with lots of things.
  • Heechul thinks that he look so handsome when acting cute while being drunk.
  • Heechul thinks that he look so handsome after he woke up with his messy hair.
  • Heechul doesnt like to go out when it’s raining because the rain feels like it pierces hole in his body.
  • Heechul imagination when he get married is when he get up, he will kiss her on the cheeks then after that he’ll pretend to sleep again. And his wife will kiss him back and He’ll be awake pretending not to know then tell her.. “Hmm. What is it?”
  • Heechul and Hankyung lived together for almost 5 years but they don’t talk a lot in the apartment.
  • Heechul thinks that he and Hankyung are really a fantastic combo.
  • Heechul is a man who keeps little things in his heart.
  • Heechul thinks that the kind of hairstyle that’s perfect for him is the one that covers his eyes. He can blink without being caught in the camera and he dont need sunglasses to block all the flashes from cameras.
  • Heechul listen to Donghae or Taeyeon.
  • Heechul have a high tolerance in drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Heechul hated it when he’s being nagged at something he really don’t like.
  • Heechul weak point is having too much pride.
  • Heechul loves drinking. He even askd Donghae to get the arrack and then with a can of tuna, he’ll enjoyed it with Heebum.
  • Heechul hates crowded places. That he prefer drinking alone than going out.
  • One time, AB brothers decided to stop drinking alcohol &decidd to drink tea instead. they talkd everything while drnking tea. But one day after, Nassun called Hee to asked what he was doing. and Heechul said that He was drinking beer with Jungmo. Nassun in return said too that he’s drinking also.  see the weirdness of AB BROTHERS?
  • Heechul loves doing tongue-service! ROFLMAO..
  • Heebum is an arrogant cat (just like his master Hee!) while Baengshin is a good one.
  • When Heechul got the long hair, Yoona told him that she’ll cut it by herself.
    When Heechul got the long hair, Jessica told him that at that time he’ll look really a girl.
    When Heechul got the long hair, Sunny asked him if he’ll grow his hair as long as her height.
    When Heechul got the long hair, Donghae told him that he look beggar and yell at him to cut it.
    When Heechul got the long hair, Jungmo said to him that he’s indeed a very free person and asked him to cut it.
    When Heechul got the long hair, F(x)’s Krystal told him that he’ll still look cool even he’ll cut it only a bit.
    When Heechul got the long hair, F(x)’s Sulli just laughed at him.
    When Heechul got the long hair, Petals comforted themselves by saying that atleast he doesnt grow beard.9 out of 10 people doesn’t like Heechul’s long hair. But with his personality, as long as he’ll like it, he’ll grow it as long as he want because he is Kim Heechul.
  • The games that heechul played since he was high school were Paradise 1, Paradise 2, WoW (World of Warcraft), and Aion (The Tower Of Eternity).
  • Playing games for Heechul, is like releaving his stress when he’s feeling stress. And he’ll feel good after it.
  • Heechul used to shared rooms with Leeteuk, but because of Leeteuk’ weird sleeping habit, he have now his own room.
  • Although Heechul and Leeteuk used to shared rooms, they rarely see each other.
  • Heechul used to live with Jay under the same house for 6 years, and at the same room for 4 years.
  • Jay is the only one that can sleep on Heechul’s bed.
  • Heechul told Donghae to try his beggar hairstyle also, Donghae did, but after not a long ago, Donghae can’t endure having his own long hair that he got his hair cut and told Hee to cut it too, Heechul said no. After it, Heechul feel lonesome again that he thought of telling Hongki to try also the Beggar Hairstyle.
  • Heechul said to Hongki that he’ll never have time in dating girls because of that fact that he play WoW.
  • Heechul thought that he’s like Peter Pan, never get old.
  • Hee also thought the he’ll be Cinderella forever~
  • Heechul like to be interviewed more if he’s only the one that will be interviewed only.
  • Heechul doesn’t like it when someone’s drinking his water. *jinger take out of that pervy mind of yours* ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • When Hee’s cat stomach growl at night, he’ll woke up and feed him/them.
  • Heechul like offensive questions that’s why he like Kang Hodong.*HeeRandom spotted!*
  • Heechul is a kind of person who don’t keep memories, if you two broke off, then it’ll be off forever. *meaning he’ll trash all the memories and will not look back at it anymore*
  • Heechul is a realist. A person who look forward for a future.
  • Heechul hated doing some things he already did.
  • Heechul is a self-confessed Handsome before.. *and even until now* Aigoo~
  • Heechul like rock song or rough tones.
  • Heechul used to smoke.
  • Heechul can’t eat hot food because he’s got a lung problem.
  • Heechul can’t handle complicated things.
  • Heechul’s fave dongsaeng now is wookie because nowadays he’s been working hard in making dinner for him.
  • Heechul loves Wookie’s bimbimbap.
  • In china, Hankyung is the prince while Heechul is the princess.
  • Heechul personality is like a middle aged woman. He’s nosy, meddlesome, admits to anything and yet so confident.
  • For Heechul, those who said he’s weird is the one who is really weird.
  • Heechul blames his unique personality on his bloodtype, but he reveals that he’s just actually very shy, and that he simply doesnt know how to express himself.
  • Heechul say what he want to say, but as much as possible he control himself in speaking foul languages.
  • Hangeng posted on his sina account that someday he would like to invite Heechul at his Dumpling House.
  • When it come to expressing Heechul’s feeling, he is straightforward. So straightforward.
  • If Hankyung is the Master of Beijing Fried Rice, Heechul would be the Master of 3-min fast food.
  • If Hankyung is the Master of 10 types of chinese traditional etchnic dances, Heechul would be the master of 10 different artiste’s dance.
  • Heechul always nag Hankyung on his Cyworld but he can’t tell it straight to his face.  *lol*
  • Heechul likes a girl with pretty legs.
  • Heechul’s want to have a vacation where there is no one but himself.
  • Heechul first thing that he’ll do when he found his lover is to hug her.
  • Heechul can’t differentiate the alcohol.
  • Donghae is one of the people that can calm Heechul’s angry behavior.(He can even told him to do that and this) PowerfulHae~
  • Don’t get at Heechul’s way when he’s mad or else you might get hit at the things he’s throwing.
  • Heechul will just smirk at you if you ask for his number.
  • Heechul is happy when his phone is ringing..
  • Heechul used to stalked Noh Hongchul.
  • Heechul doesn’t like it when he see a girl crying.
  • Heechul doesn’t like talking to a girl for a long time using phone. He’s afraid of the phone bills.
  • Heechul broke Kyuhyun PMP. *and he didnt even sorry after that.. He pretend that he’s not the one who broke it. XD*
  • Heechul once thought of giving Baengshin name Haedong. Which is the reversed name of Donghae.
  • When siwon was being asked who is more handsome between him and Heechul. Siwon says heechul.*such a humble being* But when Hee was asked this question he just said: ” Even siwon agree to me. “*aigoo. such confident u have there oppa*
  • Heechul have different color of contact lenses except for reds.
  • He does laughing all the way to the screaming.
  • Heechul thinks that at his previous life, he was A DOLL.
  • When Heechul’s alone at home, he turns the music on very loud and go on the computer.
  • The thing that he wants from his significant other is a CD or a cellphone accessory.
  • Heechul’s first time drinking was in middle school with his family. His mom owns a wine store.
  • Heechul’s alcohol tolerance is approximately four bottles.
  • The place that Heechul wants to go the most is SPACE
  • Heechul’s favorite food is fried rice with Kimchi.
  • Heechul is very close with his family.
  • Kyuhyun and Heechul were really not close to each other. But after the accident that Kyu had they become closer.
  • Heechul is not a snob. He’s just shy and doesn’t know how to express himself.
  • Heechul likes having his food delivered than going to a restaurant and eat there.
  • Heechul hated it when it’s raining.
  • Heechul will kill if his love will cheated on him.
  • Heechul used to ranked Fifth while attending school and ranked at First when he was much younger.
  • Heechul’s cat -Heebum- is a hella materialistic cat.
  • Heechul loves writing a poem or writing a song.
  • When Yunho guested in one show he tell them that Heechul is the one he cared most about.
  • Heechul doesn’t know how to capture women attention.
  • For Heechul’s it’s better to drink alone than partying outside.
  • Heechul treasure is himself. ONLY
  • Jay(of TRAX) and Heechul used every possible of curse words to criticized each other.
  • Playing games is a way for Heechul to release his stress.
  • Heechul’s hobbies when he’s bored is sparring with Heebum.
  • Heechul’s wanted to put Hee on all of his things
  • Hee created a cartoon when he was still in HS. Daehyun(his friend) was “Sellectice” and “His friend Karrion” was Hee himself.
  • Lee Soo Man told Heechul to find girlfriend within the company only. So when problems arises. It will be easily be blocked off.
  • Heechul re-signed his contract to SME. On how long it will be agn. We still dunno.
  • Hongki gave a pencil case to Heechul as a gift because Heechul never had a Pencil case when he was still studying.
  • Heechul like other countries because of the fact that their song was more popular there than in korea. lol XD
  • Heechul love to play online games and his cats more than girls. XD
  • *Heechul dictating his birthday, the fortune teller is writing it* FT: That’s quiet much. Hee: What? FT: Age *all laughs*
  • Heechul hobbies was bothering random things. lol.
  • Minho(SHINee) and Heechul have a strange relationship.
  • There was once I took a ride from company’s colleague. The whole journey was smooth. Upon reaching my home, out of habit, I said, “Uncle, please turn left..” I realized my mistake after saying so i changed subject.
  • Heechul and Leeteuk thinks Jay Park’s voice is amazing.

Randomn Facts Part 2

Kim Heechul’s Q&A

  1. Q: what you think about other people?  Heechul: I really couldn’t care less -____-
  2. In an interview, when asked what he wants right now, he said, “A genie inside a lamp”
  3. Q: Who do you want to see the most right now Heechul: high school friends
  4. Q: How many kids do you want? Heechul: I said I’m not planning to get married!!
  5. Q: If you were on a deserted island what would you take? Heechul: WHY THE HELL WOULD I GO TO A DESERTED ISLAND?!
  6. Q: What you want to do when it rains Heechul: Try not to get hit by it.
  7. Heechul’s favorite song: Dir en Grey’s Zan.
  8. Guy: What if the person you love cheated on you? Heechul: Thank god I don’t have someone I love.
  9. Guy: If you were to be born again, what would you be? Heechul: ME
  10. Heechul’s highest placement in school: 5th place because of my grades and at least in the top 10.
  11. Guy: What is your favorite hobby? Heechul: Blowing away my bangs or shake my head to the side to move them away from my eyes.
  12. Interviewer: When do you think you look sexiest? Heechul: When I’m wearing pajamas.. just too sexy~
  13. When Heechul was asked When he looks the best, he said “Whenever and wherever”
  14. Asked about Heechul’s prized possessions: “1)Me 2)Me 3) Me as well 4) Hehe
  15. Heechul’s differentiation of a man and woman: “Women can wear skirt and pants. But if a man wore a skirt he’d be hearing more than an ‘idiot’ from people.
  16. When asked about the age he wants to get married, Heechul said ” Not thinking of getting married”
  17. Once, when an interviewer asked Heechul who his most important friend is, he said “No such thing! All my friends are important”
  18. Heechul describing his drinking habits – ” I buy people whatever they want,and I cry when I drink alone.”
  19. When asked about his first love, he only said “Before I came on this Earth. So, no first love.
  20. In an interview, when asked about what Heechul’s worries as of that moment, he said “Should I pop this pimple under my lip of should leave alone” *OMG SO HEECHUL *
  21. Heechul’s Favorite Season “Autumn, because it’s not too hot and not too cold.
  22. Heechul’s Favorite Genre of music “Anything that’s not R&B but I really like Rock.
  23. In one interview, Heechul was asked of his estimated height and answered “Height is 150mm” [Note: mm – millimeters]
  24.  Some of Heechul’s hobbies: Watching horror movies in the dark and bothering random things
  25. When asked about what Heechul’s personality is, his answer was ” I don’t care about other people”
  26. When asked about Heechul’s shoe size, Heechul just said “too lazy to look”

CREDITS:Goes to people also who worked out really hard to translate Heechul’s news, cyworld entries, kiseki messages and some random stuffs and those who upload Videos related to Heechul.

(reuploaded from:Heechulfacts,Q/A done by Mimi@Heechulfacts)

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