SURVEY : Super Show Seoul Package – Staying At The Sharp Star City Apartment Tower C

11th floor SJ Dorm Layout – I can imagine how fun it be staying at this dorm ;_;

Hello.. I wanted to do some survey i hope you guys can help me with this.

So here’s the deal. I am myself sometimes dealing with this issues every Super Show season. I always wanted to go overseas to meet my ELF mate for Super Show. And the biggest dream of all is to go to Super Show Seoul. Super Show 5 is coming up so i need to do this survey because i wanted to help you guys, my ELF mate, to get the easier(hopefully cheaper) package for Super Show.

My friend have a travel company, and she & her korean friend apparently have an apartment at THE SAME BUILDING as SUPER JUNIOR, The Sharp Star City Apartment. Its a VERY EXCLUSIVE neighboorhood so common people cannot get in there. You guys even need a card to reach the eleator! As fas as i concern, Only the Biggest Korean Star can live in Star City, Super Junior is one of them.

Star City Apartment

So, I met her and we talk about the package she offered me(since i am my self an ELF) to stay at Star City. She & her korean friend have this apartment for rent, but she never offered an ELF before (she’s not a kpop fans so she never realise Super Junior was staying at Star City and the Same Tower as her Apartment -_-“), she just found out like a few months ago. She also told me she met Siwon(but didnt recognise him) at the parking lot, he was riding his White Audi. Thats how i realise if we stay at this apartment, we might have a 80% chance to meet Super Junior members, because of the same tower we use the same elevator, gym & parking. I screamed my ass out when i told my friends about this.

The reason i did this survey is, IF you guys are interested, i can help you to book the place. The owner of this Apartment always choose carefully anyone who wanted to rent her place. If its Super Junior fans, she wanted to choose people who are not too captious, noisy, exaggerate reacted, and even if she allowed us to stalk on SJ, she wanted us to stalking smart(she will teach us how) so Super Junior members wont be upset or disturbed.But then the problem came, the PRICE is very Expensive. She explain to me why is it so expensive is because the payment per year of the Apartment is very Expensive and its a very High Class Sheltered Place where many people wanted to had one, especially Artist. Won Bin use to live here too.

Since the apartment is at the same tower as Super Junior Dorm, the apartment have the same space & room as Super Junior Dorm. We can experience how to Live at Super Junior dorm if we stay here. One of my own biggest ambitions >_< *cries*

When i told her that we have a problem to get tickets of Super Show Seoul or SJ members musical with the UN-OVER EXPENSIVE Price, she told me she can help us with that. We also can choose the seat we wanted.

So this is the survey. I wanted to know which one you will choose between this Super Show Package:

A. The Sharp Star City Apartment Tower C Rented Apartment

  • PRICE : (+-) 783USD or Rp. 7.500.000 per PERSON
  • 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Food & Baverage (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) available in the apartment
  • LIMITED for Max 6 People Every Booking
  • A Tour Guide (If we needed)
  • Airport Pick-Up
  • They Will HELP To Buy Super Show Seoul or Musical ticket at the original Price (plus taxes (+-) 5USD / Rp50.000 each tix)
  • Installment/savings (3 to 6 months before the date plan, but the apartment is already booked for you)
  • This Apartment is Available after January 2013 (Xmas & New Years holiday full booked)

MY NEGOTIATIONS WITH HER SUCCEED!!! lol Still too expemsive for me though ;;__;; BUT, here’s the new offer price:

3550 USD Per/ 5 Days 4 Night for Star City Package!!!!!

[IDR Rp. 34.100.000 - 5 days 4 nights
if you want to SHARE with your friends, 
its gonna cost around Rp.5,700,000 per/person
or 592USD per/person - 6 people max!]
Note: We can also exchange our money into WON with her. We can buy WON cheaper and sell it higher than money changer

B. Super Show Seoul Package

  • PRICE : Depends on the date & days
  • Cheap Hotel / Guest House / Apartment Room
  • Promo Plane Ticket (By Request)
  • Airport Pick-Up
  • A Tour Guide (If we needed)
  • Super Show Seoul Tickets 

C. Super Show Package

  • PRICE : Depends on The Country (Except Seoul, South Korea^^)
  • Promo Plane Ticket
  • Hotel (Apartment available only for Super Show in Singapore)
  • Super Show Tickets – with cheaper price than Online Shop (+ taxes)
  • ONLY for Indonesian ELF

D. Super Show Ticket – Any Country

  • Only Super Show Tickets – BUT with cheaper price than Online Shop (+ taxes)
  • Limited Pre-Order
  • ONLY For Indonesian ELF

So thats all for now, Please Help me with this survey by comment on this page. I know so many ELF, including me & my friend, have experience got cheated by an online kpop shop, by selling too expensive price to us for a Super Show ticket / super show package. I wanted to help ELF & myself who always watch Super Show every year. If we can get cheaper price from her than the kpop shop one, why not right?^^




PS : If you guys need to ask me something personally, you can email or YM me on ^^

48 comments on “SURVEY : Super Show Seoul Package – Staying At The Sharp Star City Apartment Tower C

  1. Package A is definitely the best… but $780usd per person is really, really too expensive. $780usd is even more than my flight tickets to Korea.
    For someone who will fly to Korea to see SJ and watch supershow, I usually stay in guesthouse, I would be willing to pay more to stay at Sharp Star City to see SJ, but $780usd is a huge amount.

    For Package C & D, I would be interested if I was a indonesian fan (I’m singaporean ><

    • I Know Right!!! Same here~~ ;;__;; If its per/room i can understand~ But per/person is way too expensive. Though it have a very high chance to meet them~~ >_<

      I'll ask for package C & D for singaporean, she have apartment in Sg so maybe it can be available for SG-an~ 😀

  2. A is definitely the best!!!!!! But it’s too ex… >.< but no choice since the apartment itself it's so expensive to maintain….. B will be okay too… C and D too… But haha I'm a Singaporean…

    • Yes indeed~~ My friend oftenly go to singapore since she had an apartment too there. If there’s a lot of request & this survey work, maybe these all available for SG-an :DDD

  3. oh My God… kak… turun dari harga sebelumnya? jadi 5,7 ? lumayan banyak tuh turunnya.. but… =.= tiket PP juga nggak murah… seperti yang aku blg ditlp kemaren kaaaan… ;____; i want A but…. it’s too expensive… =.=

    maybe i’ll choose packet B and C…. XD OK C…for Super Show Thailand… LOL….
    but seriously i want to choose packet A too.. but… you know it’s to expensive for me now…. T____T i would really like it if i can meet SJ members too….

    • No~~ Gak turun~~ Aq nego sama dia krn itu kemahalan~ Jd dia ganti jadi paket per/room kayaq hotel. Tp di paketin untuk 5hari-4malam.. Jatohnya memang lebih murah klo di maximalkan ber-6~ Krn kalo cuma ber/4, tetep musti bayar 3550usd! ><

      Thats why i did this survey so she might considered having these package~

  4. there is no guarantee that we can meet oppar, so i’ll pick pack B :/// unless you robe a bank before the best option is only pack b. i love oppar, but it’s not worth that much spending so much money hmmm

  5. A or D.
    Menurutku paket A dg harga 5,7jt (asalkan ada 6org) sedeng sih.. ya itung2 nginep di hotel bintang 5 + ada kesempatan ketemu suju lg. Mariiiii menabuuungg. 😀
    Trs kalo SS ex seoul, kayanya mending yg D aja. Soalnya untuk penginepan dll bs cari2 sendiri biar lebih seru lol

  6. omg its still so expensive! its $4400 SGD!
    aiyer, its not really worth it though. might as well find a cheaper place to stay and go visit their schedules. They won’t be home all day long too right? its ridiculous!!

  7. A. I’m willing to pay the price as long as i get the chance to see my boys up close and experience to live in the same building w/ them for 4 nights. I really am interested. Of course it would be much better if she could lower the price a bit.

    Is there any way to contact u aside from your email? Can i leave u my contact details? Can u pls contact me asap when this plan pushes through?

    • Hi Che.. Actually if you go with friends it would be cheaper coz you can pay it partly. The A package is for max 6 people.
      You can email me your personal contacts. I’ll email you back my number so you can whatsup me.

      • Hello 🙂 is this package still on and available? Will email u my personal accounts, after i discover what your email address is lol. I can find it here in your wordpress, right?

  8. Hi Che.. Actually if you go with friends it would be cheaper coz you can pay it partly. The A package is for max 6 people.
    You can email me your personal contacts. I’ll email you back my number so you can whatsup me.

  9. Hey Hi!~ This is so cool~ but sadly the SS5 in Seoul already past so… u.u’ But hey!, still in touch with that girl!! 😀 maybe in other time (year? LOL xD) We all can go! 😀 I mean… i will start saving my money coz’ OMG! its to expensive! xD but if thats the way to meet them, yeah i will do it! :DD *Fighting to myself? LOL* ~~ Youp’ can you make an other layout of the 12 floor? :3 I want to know where was Teukies room before to get into army! ;A; ¡Hugs! i like your Blog! 😀 and ¡yeeey! you are Kibumie Biased! 😀 (I dont meet to much Kibum fans LOL)~~

  10. Hai, wah kalo misal emang mau stay gak mesti ada super show bisa nggak tuh?
    kalo enggak, yuk ELF rame2 ksana..hihi
    emang untung2an sih, tapi kesempatan nggak dateng dua kali kan..hehehe

  11. It sounds pretty awesome especially enticing to ELFs. Will definitely consider if I can get six people or so.

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